Student Living

Events and Event Applications

Throughout the year, Student Living hosts and supports a multitude of events for our residents to enjoy. As part of the ResLife program, residents participate in the Music Night, Film Fest, weekly sports games, the Science and Engineering challenge, ResFest events, annual Awards Night and heaps more!

Residential Mentors and Associations also host events for residents outside of the ResLife program including block/floor dinners, parties, game nights, cultural mixers, Earth Hour events, Easter egg hunts, trips to the beach and so many other fun activities!

There really is something for everyone and we encourage all our residents to get involved as much as possible!

Check out our events calendar below to see what's happening in 2018:

9 February 2019Move-In Day
9 February - 12 February 2019ResFest
9 March 2019Campus Scamper
12 March 2019Music Night
1 May 2019Speech Night
7 May - 13 May 2019Film Fest Week
14 May 2019Film Fest Screening
27 July - 31 July 2019ResFest 2.0
13 August 2019Science and Engineering Challenge
3 September 2019Art Show
15 October 2019Academic Breakfast
8 November 2019Student Living Awards Night


At Student Living, we want you to have the best time possible! We know a huge part of that means getting together and celebrating with your friends and that's why we have a Student Living Support Coordinator focused on helping you plan and party safely.

When planning your event, there are a few important things you should keep in mind to make sure your event is safe for the whole Student Living community. Some of these important parameters are outlined in the Student Living Standards and some, such as risk management and inclusive practices, are built into the Event Application Process.

Above all you should read the ResWise Toolkit, which not only outlines the expectations that Student living set, but also gives you heaps of ideas about things you can do and who you can get to help you see your big idea come to reality.

If you're an RM, Association member or a very keen resident and you want to host an event, you'll need to fill out an event application form to get it underway!