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At the University of Newcastle, we support around 100 student-run groups that you can be part of, including sporting, academic, social, cultural, and faith-based groups. Each group holds a range of events across the academic year and new members are always welcome.

Whether you want to get fit, have fun, share your passion, discover something new, or try to change the world, there's something for everyone. Get involved and find your people!

African Postgraduate Students Association

The principal function of APSA is to create a platform for postgraduate students to network and discuss research, global perspectives, and policy initiatives with a bearing on the African continent and the African Diaspora.

Campus: Callaghan

Biology Higher Degree in Research Society

The Biology Higher Degree in Research (HDR) Society welcomes PhD students, honours students and undergraduate students, and works together with academics, research fellows and research assistants from over 15 research laboratories within the Discipline of Biology. The HDR society offers a fantastic opportunity for students to collaborate and discuss their various research objectives, and is also responsible for organising the HDR conference.

Campus: Callaghan

Biology Higher Degree in Research Society on Facebook

Bringing Rural Experience and Awareness to Hunter Health Education (BREAATHHE)

BREAATHHE promotes rural and remote practice to members through information exchange, placement opportunities, support and advocacy. There’s a multi-disciplinary focus with members from Medicine, Medical Radiation Science, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Oral Health, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Social Work and Speech Pathology. BREAATHHE provides members with the opportunity to learn about other health professions and make some contacts.

Campus: Callaghan

Bringing Rural Experience and Awareness to Hunter Health Education (BREAATHHE) on Facebook

Business and Commerce Association

UoN BusCom aims to enhance social and networking interaction among business and commerce students, staff and other individuals with an interest in business across the UON, as well as to provide opportunities for academic, career and personal development in business, commerce and associated fields. Joining the association allows students to become part of a small community of like-minded people. Through our online forum, members are able to make new friends, discuss university life, and share ideas and knowledge.

Campus: Callaghan

Business and Commerce Association on Facebook

Chemical Engineering Society

NUChES is a community for chemical engineering students and academics, offering a platform for engineering industry to interact with students and providing a social platform for students.

Campus: Callaghan

Chemical Engineering Society on Facebook

Chemistry Society

UONSOCS organise social and educational events to encourage interest in chemical and life sciences at UON. All undergraduate, postgraduate and staff within the chemical and life sciences are welcome to join the UONSOCS and help organise future events, to be held on and off campus.

Campus: Callaghan

Chemistry Society on Facebook

Criminology and Criminal Justice Society

The CCJS aims to strengthen social connections amongst social science and criminology, staff and general members. The community vibe and Society events allow students to network with each other and potential employers.

Campus: Callaghan

Dermatology Society

UONDS is a club created to provide learning opportunities and events to encourage the study and appreciation of Dermatology both as a medical specialty and for general application in any health career path.

Campus: Callaghan

Dermatology Society on Facebook

Engineering Society

UONES is a club for all students, not just engineers, with the aim of promoting cross discipline communication.

Campus: Callaghan

Engineering Society on Facebook

Ideas and Network Synergy

A new Club in 2019, the INS aims to encourage like-minded, motivated individuals in self-development and nurturing of their career-ready development; support new and innovative ideas, in their growth and business development; and connect students with the people, knowledge and skills programs to realise their potential.

Campus: Ourimbah

Ideas and Network Synergy on Facebook

Innovation + Entrepreneurship Society

The I + E Society is a platform for UoN students, staff, and industry to connect. The Society aims to strengthen UoN’s entrepreneurial ecosystems through fostering diversity, interdisciplinary relationships, creativity and innovation.

Campus: Callaghan

Innovation + Entrepreneurship Society on Facebook

Law Students Association

The University of Newcastle Law Students' Association (UNSLA) is a not-for-profit association with a myriad of purposes and objectives by Law students for Law students. The membership fee is $5 per academic year. The UNSLA is run by Law students for the benefit of law students and acts to promote their interests within the University, the legal profession and the wider community. They aim to provide law students with the best access to relevant information, educational experiences, and peer support.

Campus: Callaghan

Law Students Association on Facebook

Maths Club

A mathematics club where those interested in maths at all levels may gather, socialise, and share ideas; for the furtherance of maths knowledge and the enjoyment of members.

Campus: Callaghan

Maths Club on Facebook

Mechatronics Society

UMS connects its members with other Mechatronics Engineers and industry leaders through social media, events, and organised workshops. We aim to promote to future and current students the growing role Mechatronics Engineers will have in the future.

Campus: Callaghan

Mechatronics Society on Facebook

Medical Society

MedSoc (or UNMS) is the peak representative organisation for medical students at the University. The society represents over 700 students studying the Bachelor of Medicine (BMed), Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the University of Newcastle. Since starting in 1978 the UNMS has grown and matured into a multi-faceted organisation that organises a broad range of services for its members, including but not limited to representation, academic, social and sporting events, charity and education initiatives, and welfare support.

Campus: Callaghan

Medical Society on Facebook

Natural History Illustration Club

If you love to draw from nature or would like to learn, this is the club for you. Members are from a variety of degree programs but the core group are dedicated Natural History Illustrators who are wanting to learn and share their knowledge. The club provides different art opportunities for students on campus including workshops, life drawing, and different social events.

Campus: Callaghan

Natural History Illustration Club on Facebook

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society

Founded in 2017, The University of Newcastle Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society represents the collective ambitions of medical students who possess an avid interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Campus: Callaghan

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society on Facebook

Occupational Therapy Student Society

This group was established by OT students for OT students to provide support and social opportunities for all occupational therapy students from all backgrounds, in all forms of University life.

Campus: Callaghan

Occupational Therapy Student Society on Facebook

Pharmacy Students

UoNAPS aims to provide pharmacy students with access to external education sessions throughout the year, opportunities to network and communicate with other pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists.

Campus: Callaghan

Pharmacy Students on Facebook

Philosophy Society

PhilSoc provides a fun environment for people from any discipline to explore big concepts and share deep thoughts. The society run 20+ events a year, including discussions, BBQs, games and movie nights. No assumed knowledge. All welcome.

Campus: Callaghan

Philosophy Society on Facebook

Physiotherapy Student Society

This is a non-profit, student led society that represents the needs of physiotherapy students at the University of Newcastle. The Society facilitates both social and professional networking through events such as pub crawls, annual balls, trivia nights, inter-faculty sports days, professional development courses and more.

Campus: Callaghan

Physiotherapy Student Society on Facebook

Psychology Society

NUPS is a club for students studying psychology or related degrees to meet, network with academics and local professionals in the field, and get involved in their degree in a more meaningful way.

Campus: Callaghan

Psychology Society on Facebook

Radiation Therapy Students

We aim to unite the Radiation Therapy Students from the different years, arrange social activities and Radiation Therapy workshops. We also aim to raise awareness of cancer and cancer screening, educate the public about Radiation Therapy and help with fundraising for cancer organizations and research

Campus: Callaghan

Research Students of Nursing and Midwifery

The club provides a setting to allow research students of nursing and midwifery to catch up and connect socially on a monthly basis over a lunchtime meal. Students are encouraged to discuss their research and any issues they may have. This group aims to improve the voice of research students within the School of Nursing and Midwifery and improve collaboration with academic members of staff.

Campus: Callaghan

Secondary Education Society

A society for all students studying a degree in education, to meet friends, socialize and gain insight into the world of teaching.

Campus: Callaghan

Secondary Education Society on Facebook

Speech Pathology

SPUN – the Speech Pathology at the University of Newcastle Student Association – aims to organise social events for Speech Pathology students, although all students are welcome to attend their events. SPUN hold welcome BBQS as well as bake sales in order to fundraise for affiliated organisations.

Campus: Callaghan

Speech Pathology on Facebook

The Medmakers

The MedMakers engages students in hands on learning and exercises that increases their experience, skills and knowledge. Students are able to connect with industry professionals and expand their networks. The MedMakers accepts all degrees and disciplines.

Campus: Callaghan

The Medmakers on Facebook

United Nations Society

The society creates educational simulations of United Nations proceedings. They also host year round social events and advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Campus: Callaghan

United Nations Society on Facebook

Women in Engineering Sociey

NUWiE's aim is to empower women in STEM through supporting the presence of women in STEM. The club aims to motivate and inspire through a range of social events including Trivia Nights, Support Sessions, BBQ lunches, Movie Nights and Guest Speaker Events. They also support members’ Professional Developments through a range of Workshops, Industry Site Visits and Networking Events.

Campus: Callaghan

Women in Engineering Sociey on Facebook

Writers' Club

The UoN Writers’ Club aims to bring together like-minded people to create a safe environment for its members to explore their creative endeavours, share their stories, and receive feedback from a trusting cohort. They aim to promote opportunities in relation to their writing endeavours, such as local events, workshops, and writing competitions, as well as hosting meet ups/write ins and their own workshops.

Campus: Callaghan

Writers' Club on Facebook

Vinnies Youth Social Club

UoN Vinnies are interested in social justice and would love to recruit students who are looking to volunteer. If you join, you will meet other young like-minded philanthropic people and be involved in activities like sleepouts, BBQs and bake sales in the spirit of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Campus: Callaghan

Vinnies Youth Social Club on Facebook

Wake Up!

Wake Up! is led by health students with the mission to raise awareness of global health inequities, and provide students with knowledge of, and experience in, the developing world that will enable our future health professionals to be well equipped to address and influence health inequities globally.

Campus: Callaghan

Wake Up! on Facebook

African Postgraduate Students Association

The principal function of APSA is to create a platform for postgraduate students to network and discuss research, global perspectives, and policy initiatives with a bearing on the African continent and the African Diaspora.

Campus: Callaghan

African Students Networking Community

ASNC is a club mindful of African Students and Students of African descent, focused on creating a healthy environment for cultural expression, fellowship and cooperation through social, cultural and academic activities and events.

Campus: Callaghan

Australia-China Youth Association

ACYA is a vibrant community of young Australians and Chinese interested in promoting cross-cultural understanding and developing lasting friendships, academic and business partnerships, and professional and educational opportunities.

Campus: Callaghan

Australia-China Youth Association on Facebook

Bangladeshi Students' Association of Newcastle University

BSANU aims to help the new Bangladeshi students who come to UON. They offer support such as accommodation, initial settlements and moral support. BSANU organise different events such as Bengali New Year, International Mother Language Day and Eid day. BSANU practices Bangladeshi culture at UON for recreation and to give students a break from the hardship of study.

Campus: Callaghan

Bangladeshi Students' Association of Newcastle University on Facebook

Brazilian Society

BRASO is a place where all people can experience Brazil and its culture, food, sports and dance. The club welcomes everyone to join and get to know a bit more about Brazil and its wonderful traits.

Campus: Callaghan

Brazilian Society on Facebook

Exchange Student Network

UNESN is a club that provides events for students who are studying at the University of Newcastle through an Exchange, Study Abroad, full degree International or even Domestic program. The main focus is to allow students to meet new people from all around the world.

Campus: Callaghan

Exchange Student Network on Facebook

French Society

A social club for UoN students and the community promoting the language and culture of France. The club provides immersion for students wanting to become fluent and we organise events like French movies, pétanque tournaments, trivia and crêpe nights.

Campus: Callaghan

French Society on Facebook

Hong Kong Student Association

HKSA aims to provide a social platform for Hong Kong and all other students through regular activities; as well as to take care the needs of all members to adapt to the environment of Newcastle; and to promote Hong Kong culture.

Campus: Callaghan

Hong Kong Student Association on Facebook

Indian Student's Association of Newcastle University

ISANU aims to promote, educate and celebrate the Indian culture through some super fun events! They help out international students with getting around the University, support them in their studies and welcome them to the Uni, helping them get comfortable and to make some awesome friends!

Campus: Callaghan

Indian Student's Association of Newcastle University on Facebook

Iranian Students Association

ISA is a cultural association for Iranian students at UON. The Association is interested in sharing Iranian culture with other nationalities whilst celebrating traditional events and introducing Persian culture and history to Australian society.

Campus: Callaghan

Japanese-English Club

JEC is a cultural club, aimed to create a space that is inclusive for both English and Japanese speakers, as well as a place to foster friendships and have cross-cultural dialogues.

Campus: Callaghan

Japanese-English Club on Facebook

LADAS - Latin American Society

With an aim to promote Latin American social and cultural activities at the University of Newcastle, La Peña provides a space for people from different cultural backgrounds to learn and share Latin American culture, dance and music.

Campus: Callaghan

Malaysian University of Newcastle Student Association

MUNSA's vision is to build an extensive community of Malaysians while providing support and promoting better relationships amongst Malaysian students and promoting social and cultural exchange with the diverse range of students on campus.

Campus: Callaghan

Malaysian University of Newcastle Student Association on Facebook

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia

For Indonesian students who miss their country, or any other students who want to learn more about Indonesian culture - this club is a good place to meet other Indonesian students and shape your Bahasa or cultural knowledge. Please contact Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia [Google Form]("Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia Google Form") to join this club.

Campus: Callaghan

Philippine Association of Students at UON

PINAS at UON aims to instil and nurture Filipino culture and ideals among its members. Also, to encourage members to strive for personal growth and excellence in all their chosen fields. Lastly, to anticipate and provide needed services to members, for their personal, social and spiritual well-being.

Campus: Callaghan

Saudi Students Club

The Saudi Students Club aims to promote the culture and history of Saudi Arabia. They also wish to foster relationships and co-operation within academic and student communities at Australian universities and assist new students to overcome the difficulties pertaining to study, accommodation and settling in.

Campus: Callaghan

Saudi Students Club on Facebook

Singapore Association of the University of Newcastle

SAUN is a club that aims to take care of the needs of their fellow Singaporeans, serving as a 'home away from home', as well as extend its reach to students of other nationalities who are interested in engaging with Singaporean culture.

Campus: Callaghan

Singapore Association of the University of Newcastle on Facebook

Vietnamese Students of the University of Newcastle

VSUN aims to support Vietnamese students of all levels at the University of Newcastle with their lives and study. VSUN is a bridge between Vietnamese local people and students as well as between current students and alumni of UON. VSUN exposes Vietnamese culture to International students from other different countries at UON.

Campus: Callaghan

Book Club

The UON Book Club is designed to broaden students’ reading habits and connect them with other interested students, through the joy of reading and discussing books together. Members meet regularly to discuss a particular novel, and to socialise more broadly.

Campus: Callaghan

Book Club on Facebook

Chess Club

The UON Chess Club Club provide an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds to come together, play chess. Learn to play like Beth Harmon in 15min (results may vary)

Campus: Callaghan

Chess Club on Facebook

Doctors for the Environment

DEA UoN is a student group as part of the national organisation Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), a network of medical professionals and students actively engaged and advocating for patient health and climate action.

Campus: Callaghan

Doctors for the Environment on Facebook

Drama Society

NUDS is an inclusive club dedicated to the theatrical arts, and all the possibilities therein!

Campus: Callaghan

Drama Society on Facebook

Dungeons and Dragons Club

The Dungeons and Dragons Club provide a space to play cooperative table top role playing games such as D & D and many others. To join this club, please visit

Campus: Callaghan

Dungeons and Dragons Club on Facebook

Esports Club

The UON-EC is a club to support UON players in esports endevours. This club is a great opportunity not only for top players in their games, but also for video editors, commentators, graphic designers and newer players hoping to improve.

Campus: Callaghan

Esports Club on Facebook

Film Club

The UON Film Club is a place where film lovers can meet, discuss, and of course, watch films together. With weekly screenings from a variety of nationalities, genres, time periods and topics, there's something for everyone. Pizza is often involved too!

Campus: Callaghan

Film Club on Facebook

Food Expression Art Song Thought

FEAST is a creative arts society. They aim to celebrate creativity and explore it with others. They endeavour to cultivate original work, and a culture of sharing the stories behind the work and our experiences of them.

Campus: Callaghan

Food Expression Art Song Thought on Facebook

Graduate Gamers

Graduate Gamers is a video and board gaming club for both undergraduate and postgraduate students that meets at the Callaghan campus. These are casual sessions where everyone is welcome to join in a variety of games, especially if you are new to gaming! Meetings are held weekly during semester, but also throughout the whole year. Members can bring their own games and/or consoles to play. The club is all about getting everybody playing and having fun. So take a break, grab a controller, meet fellow students and start gaming!

Campus: Callaghan

Graduate Gamers on Facebook

NU Motorsport

NU Motorsport is an enthusiast club for motorsport related activities. Activities that the club hosts include race watch nights, social go-karting events and organised groups attending the Newcastle 500.

Campus: Callaghan

NU Skies

NU Skies is an aerospace group dedicated to the design, crafting and building of aircraft. You can take part in hobbies such as model rockertry, RC plane and drone racing. Find some friends and take part in University competitions. All disciplines welcome!

Campus: Callaghan

NU Skies on Facebook

Newcastle Gaming and Anime Club

NewGAC is a social group dedicated to Japanese animation, video and console gaming, warhammer, D&D, LANs, boardgames and pretty much everything nerdy. A social club for people who love anime, board games and video games hosting weekly social nights and events for lovers of all things geeky!

Campus: Callaghan

Nuni Toastmasters

Toastmasters is an enjoyable and affordable way of gaining communication skills. Table Topic session will give you the opportunity to stand up and speak so that you improve your skills and confidence in a very friendly and supportive way.

Campus: Callaghan

Pirate Crew

The UON Pirate club aims to bring together students with a similar want for adventure and interest in bringing excitement to their semester through a spice of life such as theatrical pirate culture/activities. Over the year the clubs plans to celebrate talk like a pirate day alongside holding events such as a casual pub crawl, end of year ball and treasure hunt.

Campus: Callaghan

Poker Club

The Poker Club provide an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds to come together, play poker, and be involved in the club community. No member will be required to 'buy-in' to any game of power, nor will there be any element of student gambling, i.e. playing for money.

Campus: Callaghan

Social Club

The UON Social Club is an inclusive and welcoming social group that connects students across UON and effectively facilitates the forming of friendships. They hold events and provide a number of diverse opportunities for members to mingle with others with activities that appeal to a range of interests.

Campus: Callaghan

Social Club on Facebook

UON Muso's

UoN Muso's is a club for musicians and music enthusiast of all abilities and genres. We aim to help develop musical growth and friendship at Callaghan campus.

Campus: Callaghan

UON Muso's on Facebook

Veggie Club

Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg curious or just wanting a way to make some positive impacts in our world and hang out with some rad people and eat mucho delish food? Then the Veggie Club is the club you want to be in! The Veggie Club is a group of people that are all about spreading love, liberating people’s thoughts and actions through education and information, showing kindness to all beings and promoting ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Campus: Callaghan

Veggie Club on Facebook

Yak Media

Yak Media is your first port for UON news, created by students. Yak provides students with the opportunity to build experience in journalism, graphic design, promotions and event management. You can get your Yak media fix via our website and the Yak socia

Campus: Callaghan

Yak Media on Facebook

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE aims to develop an international movement out of the working class, students and youth in the fight against war and social inequality, through the intellectual traditions of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Luxemburg and Trotsky. They hold regular discussion on the analysis of the articles on the World Socialist Website, and through this aim to heighten the intellectual discourse and debate on campus.

Campus: Callaghan

International Youth and Students for Social Equality on Facebook

Newcastle Labor Students

The Newcastle Labor Students is a collective of students at the University of Newcastle who believe in a push towards a more progressive society. Based upon the principles of Feminism, Unionism, Democracy, and Socialism, Newcastle Labor Students aims to be an inclusive, progressive, and welcoming space for current and new students of the University of Newcastle.

Campus: Callaghan

Newcastle Labor Students on Facebook

Newcastle Liberal Students

Newcastle Liberal Students is the University's right-of-centre political club, catering to students with an interest in liberal-conservative politics.

Campus: Callaghan

Newcastle Liberal Students on Facebook

Newcastle University Student Environment Club

NUSEC is a group for those passionate about the environment and looking to get involved with clean ups and conservation projects. NUSEC help out local organisations cleaning up rivers and beaches, assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with bush regeneration in some of the state's most beautiful nature reserves, and join in on important environmental campaigns to help spread the word about sustainability.

Campus: Callaghan

Newcastle University Student Environment Club on Facebook

Adventist Students on Campus

ASOC aims to improve the lives of Newcastle students through food, fun, friendship, and faith. ASOC provides free programs and events to help students improve their health, connect with and create community with other students. ASOC believe that things like a community of friends, activities beyond uni, and knowing God are necessary for a balanced life.

Campus: Callaghan

Adventist Students on Campus on Facebook

Catholic Society

The UoN Catholic Society aims to be the face and presence of the Catholic Church at the University of Newcastle. The Society provides regular on-campus opportunities for worship, formation and communal gathering. Everyone is free to join their weekly gathering for music, food, discussion and prayer as well as opportunities to share Mass and attend social events. The UoN Catholic Society invite you to come join them as they seek and celebrate the presence of God in themselves and the wider community.

Campus: Callaghan

Catholic Society on Facebook

Christian Club

UCC is a student lead and run club which consists of various Christians from all backgrounds. The club holds to the common faith which is shared by all believers and encourage anyone who would like to know more about God and the Bible to join the club!

Campus: Callaghan

Christian Club on Facebook

Islamic Society

UNIS is the formal student body representing Muslim students at the University of Newcastle campus which aim to educate and cultivate Islamic values and set an excellent example to the students and people of Newcastle. UNIS also seeks to establish a network with community members along with providing a platform to socialize and exchange ideas and thoughts. Anyone is welcome to become a member.

Campus: Callaghan

Islamic Society on Facebook

Newcastle Chrisitian Students

NCS is a group for all students who love Jesus or want to find out more about Him. The club provide the opportunity for students to investigate and grow in their knowledge of who Jesus is from the Bible with Christians from a range of churches through Bible Talks, Groups and conferences.

Campus: Callaghan

Ourimbah Christian Students

This club is formed by a group of Christian students who want to honour Jesus. The club's mission at Ourimbah is to share the good news of Jesus with the Campus, and to grow to reflect Jesus more and more themselves. If you have any subjects at Callaghan campus, make sure you check out Newcastle Christian Students, the OCS’s sister organisation up north!

Campus: Ourimbah

Ourimbah Christian Students on Facebook

Philosophy Society

PhilSoc provides a fun environment for people from any discipline to explore big concepts and share deep thoughts. The society run 20+ events a year, including discussions, BBQs, games and movie nights. No assumed knowledge. All welcome.

Campus: Callaghan

Philosophy Society on Facebook

Students of UniChurch Newcastle

A gathering of students who attend Hunter Bible Church's Unichurch with the aim of engaging in discussion of religion and interaction with all students.

Campus: Callaghan

Arm Wrestling Club

NUAC, the most fun you can have holding hands! We have weekly meet ups to improve your skills on the table, build strength and have fun! Come along to learn how to impress your mates at the bar with an unstoppable top roll or deep hook.

Campus: Callaghan

Arm Wrestling Club on Facebook

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club host games at The Forum Sports & Aquatic Centre on Saturdays from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm and Sundays 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Membership fees are $10, session fee is $5 for members and $8 for non-members.

Campus: Callaghan

Badminton Club on Facebook

Baseball Club

The Camels field baseball teams in four grades of the Newcastle competition, all with experienced team and training coaches. Games are played at the University fields of the Callaghan Campus, as well as other fields across Newcastle. All players are welcome, both men and women, from experienced baseballers to novices. A friendly social club for all to enjoy.

Campus: Callaghan

Basketball Club

UNBC runs social competitions and events for students with a common interest in the game of basketball. It is the perfect way to have fun, make friends and keep fit. The Club also strives to run exciting social events throughout the semesters to continue the fun outside the competition.

Campus: Callaghan

Basketball Club on Facebook

Bicycle Users Group

NUBUG is a cycling advocacy group, which seeks to promote cycling for fun, camaraderie, sport and transport. They hold fun events such as bike rides, movie nights, and festivals. Get the complete transport story: NUBUG aims to promote safe cycling and promote awareness of related issues of sustainability, convenience, economic welfare, fitness and health, and environmental protection.

Campus: Callaghan

Bicycle Users Group on Facebook


Surfing is an integral part of the Newcastle lifestyle. Surfriders aim to promote the culture and support the interest of brilliant minds. No matter what skill level you are at, the club has something for everybody.

Campus: Callaghan

Boardriders on Facebook

Boat Club

NUBC is a fun and social rowing club for students and staff of the University of Newcastle. They cater for all skill levels from complete novice to advanced rowers, allowing members to row as much or as little as they like.

Campus: Callaghan

Boat Club on Facebook


Competitive scholastic cheerleading club, including tumbling, dancing and stunting. Filled with competitions and social events, a great way to stay fit, make friends, and have fun.

Campus: Callaghan

Cheerleading on Facebook

Diving and Exploration Society

N.U.D.E.S. have everything you need to go SCUBA diving and snorkelling, and even a heap of things you probably haven't thought of like dive flags and oxygen kits! The goal of N.U.D.E.S. is to provide a safe, social and low cost entry point into the sport.

Campus: Callaghan

Diving and Exploration Society on Facebook

Student Central

Fencing Club

NUFC is a club geared for both first timers and veterans. Whether looking for a first time experience or to grow and compete in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, this is the fencing club for you.

Campus: Callaghan

Fencing Club on Facebook

Football Club (Men's)

UNI FC aims to encourage, foster, publicise, promote, develop, extend, organise, and administer the sport of football for the benefit of the students and staff of the University.

Campus: Callaghan

Football Club (Men's) on Facebook


Football Club (Women's)

The University of Newcastle Women’s Football Club (UNWFC) aims to promote women's football to a wide range of skill levels. As a club, they strive to provide a safe and healthy space for all their members. UNWFC is one of the largest women's football clubs in the region with the capacity to offer teams of varying skill levels, and the opportunity for development and fine tuning of skills and also the generally learning of how to play soccer. UNWFC also host a number of social events throughout the year.

Campus: Callaghan

Football Club (Women's) on Facebook


Hockey Club (Men's)

The University of Newcastle Mens Hockey Club, also known as the Seapigs, is the official men’s hockey club of the University. They cater for all skill levels, with teams across all 7 grades in the local Newcastle hockey competition. Games are played at the NIHC which is located next door to Hunter Stadium.

Campus: Callaghan

Hockey Club (Men's) on Facebook

The University of Newcastle

Hockey Club (Women's)

The Seasows play in the local competition and enter teams from 1st to 7th grade. They are a social club and have a wide array of casual and formal functions throughout the year. So if you are interested in great hockey and a lot of fun please consider!

Campus: Callaghan

Hockey Club (Women's) on Facebook

University Drive, Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia

Hunter Runners

Hunter Runners is a free Newcastle-based social running club, open to everyone of all abilities! We aim to promote the health and fitness lifestyle of running and make it accessible to the general community at UON. Our goal is to use the sport of running as a platform to socialise, congregate and network, by organising events including; regular weekly social runs, group training sessions and team entries into local races (e.g. NEwRun). Most importantly, we aim o establish an inclusive culture that welcomes runners of all levels (esp. beginners!)

Campus: Callaghan

Jujutsu Club

The Jujutsu Club in association with the International Jujutsu Institute teaches traditional Japanese jujutsu including strikes, joint locks, throws and strangulations. The training provided is structured to suit both men and women.

Campus: Callaghan

Jujutsu Club on Facebook

Mountaineering Club

NUMC is a network of adventure-minded people who love nature, the outdoors, and adventure sports! This club facilitates this passion, providing opportunities for climbing, caving, bushwalking and camping trips, as well as seasonal canyoning trips and social BBQ nights.

Campus: Callaghan

Mountaineering Club on Facebook

Netball Club

UoNNC is a netball club that caters to both competitive and social players. We currently compete in the Newcastle Netball Association and Greater Open Championship.

Campus: Callaghan

Netball Club on Facebook

Quidditch Club

UNQC is a sporting club which runs social events, trainings, and allows its members to participate in tournaments both state and nation wide. The club is open to people of any fitness level or gender.

Campus: Callaghan

Quidditch Club on Facebook

Rugby League Club

Founded in 1970 and a founder member of the NSW Tertiary Rugby League, the "Seahorses" are one of the University of Newcastle's oldest and proudest clubs. Go the mighty Seahorses!

Campus: Callaghan

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Rugby Union Club

UONRUC, founded in 1955, is one of the oldest UoN sporting clubs and boasts a fine history of participation in the Newcastle & Hunter Rugby Union. The Club welcomes individuals at all levels of experience who are interested in participating in a competitive yet highly social environment centred on Rugby Union. Currently holding four premier men’s teams and one premier women’s team playing in the Newcastle Hunter premier competition, all players welcome – students, graduates, alumni of other Universities and non-students included – with no experience needed.

Campus: Callaghan

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Snow Sports

A group of people who are passionate about the snow and all activities associated with it. From complete beginners to seasoned shredders everyone is welcome. The club ski and snowboard in Australia and overseas, competing and just for fun.

Campus: Callaghan

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Squash Club

The University Squash Club allows members and non-members to come down and play a friendly, interactive game. Squash is a fast-paced racquet sport great for fitness and hand-eye coordination, as well as being an engaging social sport for people of all ages and levels of experience. If you have never played before, there is no better time to start than now.

Campus: Callaghan

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Taekwondo Club

The club provide an environment to learn self-defense, kicking and sparring techniques. With over 30 years on campus, this is a dynamic club that mixes sports and martial arts, allowing students to grow their focus, speed, flexibility and fitness.

Campus: Callaghan

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Tennis Club

This club offers members access to a wide range of competitions suitable for all skill levels. They also hold a number of social events throughout the year including trivia, social tennis and the annual club ball.

Campus: Callaghan

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Ultimate Frisbee (NUDiscs)

This club is all about teaching people how to play frisbee and growing the ultimate community in Newcastle! NUdiscs is the University of Newcastle's ultimate frisbee club - any level of skill or experience is welcome!

Campus: Callaghan

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Volleyball Club

We are a club for people who like to play volleyball, or would like to learn how. We cater for all skill levels.

Campus: Callaghan

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Water Polo Club

NUWP provide training sessions for water polo players of all levels including beginners to national league players. NUWP runs a social competition in semester one and a summer competition in semester two.

Campus: Callaghan

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The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.