Parties, Activities and Gigs

Activities & Events

Volunteers assist the Student Life team with a range of activities and events including free bbq lunches, the set up and running of events such as Stress Less Week, Green Week, Cultural Awakenings, Create 2308 and Create 2258, and running Monday Moonlight Movie Nights.

You might be helping to set up, or managing the flow of traffic into the Petting Zoo, or cooking and serving bbq lunch, helping students pot their own herbs, or even running a bubble soccer game.  The opportunities in Activities & Events are wide and varied and always fun.

This will be suited to people who like being around people, who are creative, and/or who love a buzzing atmosphere.

You may also like volunteering at Gigs & Parties, Orientation & Graduation, Watt Space and UON Community Garden – Callaghan.

Parties & Gigs

The Bar on the Hill has a long tradition of hosting some of the best touring acts and these gigs are a great volunteering experience.  At gigs, volunteers may assist ‘on the door’ with scanning IDs, wrist-banding and photography duties…and you get to enjoy the gig too!

Volunteering shifts for parties are heaps of fun – you may like to decorate/theme the venue before the party, or assist on the door (same as for gigs), man the photo booth or even assist the photographer with waivers.  Parties and gigs are great events to be part of and UON Volunteers always have a great time.

This will be suited to people who like having fun, want event coordinating experience and love being around people.

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