Security and emergencies

We do everything we can to keep students, staff and visitors safe when visiting our campuses and facilities. However sometimes emergency situations can occur.

If there is an emergency (including fire, chemical spills, gas leaks, medical emergencies, bomb threats and physical threats) please either:

  • call 000
  • call the emergency line 4921 5888 (Callaghan), 4921 7962 (Newcastle City), 4348 4222 (Central Coast), 0412 595 054 (Port Macquarie) or 8262 6488 (Sydney Campus).
  • use one of the Help Point Emergency Phones located about campus
  • use any lift phone
  • activate a duress button (where fitted)
  • trigger an alarm notification, eg fire alarm.

Snakes, wildlife and other animals on campus

On our bushland campuses it is possible at times to encounter native wildlife such as snakes, spiders or other animals such as unaccompanied dogs. Do not approach the snake or other wildlife, which may move away by itself if noise is made or it senses human presence. If you encounter wildlife or an animal that you think may pose a risk to others, then you can call Security on 4921 5888 (Newcastle campus at Callaghan), 4921 7926 (Newcastle City precinct), 4348 4222 (Central Coast) or 0412 595 054 (Port Macquarie) who can barricade an area and take further actions if required.

Infrastructure and Facilities Services (IFS) can be contacted on 4921 65000 to report non-threatening encounters with animals, such as reporting a stray dog, as IFS have a list of external agencies that they can contact regarding this.

You can also contact WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services Inc.) directly on 1300 094 737 if you would like to report any orphaned or injured wildlife.