Student Engagement Awards

Do you know a student who has made a difference to the UON community and their future?

Students who get involved in uni life above and beyond their time in the classroom make a world of difference to the UON community. It’s this engagement in campus life and professional development that paves the way to a successful future.

At UON we take pride in the achievements of our students who make a difference to UON life. The Student Engagement Awards is where we celebrate them. If you know a student whose commitment to and engagement with the UON experience is worthy of recognition, why not nominate them for a Student Engagement Award today.

Be sure to get your nomination in before the closing date Friday, 5 October.

Student Engagement Award Recipients

Campus Life Award - Ollie Cook

As the Queer Convenor for NUSA, Ollie has worked tirelessly to advocate, plan events and support students on campus.  They played an integral role in planning 9 events over 5 days for Pride Week and works across the UON structure including consulting with UON Health, UON residences, NUPSA and the ALLY network. The introduction of 4 gender neutral bathrooms on campus in August this year marked the culmination of 2 years campaigning led by Ollie.  Their work has helped make the University campus safer and more inclusive for queer students and a more diverse campus for all.

Volunteer of the Year - Corey Dixon

Corey is part of the UON Volunteer program where he helps across the range of Student Central activities, he is also a committed member of NUSA where he is the Vice President and Activities Convenor running weekly barbeques, twilight markets and the RUOK Day at our Art Gallery.

Club of the Year - Indian Student’s Association of Newcastle University (ISANU)

Through energetic planning and excellent governance, the Indian Students’ Association has had an outstanding year of growth, running an impressive list of well run and engaging activities that have catered not only to their members but the broader campus community.

Global Citizen of the Year - Kelly Mason

Kelly lives and studies on campus and has run events throughout 2018 that were aimed at integrating international and domestic students with the goal of extending students’ cultural awareness and ensuring that international students feel welcome in our residential community. These have included film nights, breakfasts and themed meals as well as cultural workshops.

WIL Achievement of the Year - Brigitte Sloane

Brigitte is an Occupational Therapy Student who completed a Work Integrated Learning placement at the Hilton Early Intervention Centre and Special School for disabled children in Suva Fiji.  Her performance exceeded all expectations and convinced the organisation of the need for an Occupational Therapist on staff. This was achieved despite language and cultural barriers and was an outstanding result for her personal employability, the employer and UON.

Intern/Cadet of the Year - Samuel Parker

Employed as a Spring Data Analyst and Test Engineer intern for NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Sam’s technical and professional skills led to his nominator describing him as an engineer ‘that you meet once or twice in a lifetime’.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year - Joss Kesby and James Bradley

Joss and James’ Wind Turbine system is an outstanding example of student-led innovation and entrepreneurship. They have attracted commercial interest and won prizes for their innovation while encouraging the activities of their student colleagues across the Enterprise and Innovation Ecosystem.

Campus Life Award - Christy Mullen

Christy has excelled as both President and Vice President of the Goonion, Vice President of NUSA, Deputy Convenor of the Women’s Collective, Executive Director for Student Relations of BusCom and as a Peer Mentor at UON.  Off campus, Christy is the Newcastle Youth Council Mayor and helped to establish a dry open mic event at Midnight Sounds.

At UON Christy has excelled in event management, governance, succession planning, providing support to students and to other clubs, as well as enhancing inclusiveness in these groups. Christy’s contribution has also directly impacted UON students through the assistance and provision of free food through NUSA, through planning social events that are inclusive, and through the promotion of responsible drinking in the Goonion and Women’s Collective events.

Volunteer of the Year - Ellen Parker

Ellen’s activities have complimented the Student Life experience at UON through her commitment and engagement to the needs of those around her. Through her volunteering commitment with the Student Mentoring program, and when volunteering at events as part of the UON Volunteer programme, Ellen is always happy and willing to provide her assistance in culturing a safe and inclusive lifestyle for her peers.

Ellen adds a unique dynamic to the student experience at UON that is under-represented by her logged hours. What differentiates Ellen from others is her passion for what she does in her everyday life, and the activities she participates in are done without seeking tangible reward or decoration.

Club of the Year - Japanese English Club

The Japanese English Club (JEC) provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all backgrounds to engage in cultural exchange with Japanese students.

The Club cultivates an environment where friendships, culture and language learning have been, and will continue to be, developed. The reputation of the Club’s work has carried to Japanese partner institutions by word of mouth, ensuring that the JEC is an immediate point of contact for students when they arrive at UON.

Global Citizen of the Year - Ashraf Abdelbaky

Ashraf is highly engaged with UON events and promoting understanding of Arabian culture.  He is motivated, understanding and helpful to other students and friendly to everyone he meets.

Ashraf leads English language classes to refugees to help them adapt to their new home, as well as Arabian language classes for anyone keen to pick up the language. He’s the glue to the Islamic culture on campus and host events to better engage people with a similar background. Ashraf received 23 Campus Life Awards nominations, highlighting the significant contribution he has made to the University in 2017.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year -

James Rabbitt

James has established two businesses while undertaking his degree. The first, BestPark, was co-founded with fellow students Mitchell McLeod and Daniel Yaxley and is a software application that provides real-time parking availability information to users and is in beta testing at selected car parks at Honeysuckle and UON’s Callaghan campus. The second, Broader Learning, provides high-quality, experiential co-curricular learning in coding for primary aged school children. James has successfully undertaken the UON course STAR4000, is a member of the I2N Hub, and has participated in UON’s Health Tech Hackathon and UON's Business Pitch Competition.

Joss Kesby

Joss is a current PhD candidate in the School of Engineering who has developed a diffuser which nearly doubles the efficiency of small wind turbines. In 2017 he was successfully selected to participate in the CSIRO’s ON Prime pre-accelerator to test the market viability of his invention. Since then Joss has entered and placed second in two different UON Pitchfests, and has just submitted an application to develop his idea into a scalable business via CSIRO’s ON Accelerate. Joss is to be commended for embracing entrepreneurial pathways to get his discovery to market.

Work Intergrated Learning Student of the Year - Peter Langton

Peter made a significant contribution whilst on his WIL practicum in the GLAMx Living Histories Lab in 2017. He developed a diversity of skills (associated with galleries, libraries, archives and museums) in a workplace environment, applied discipline knowledge from the Bachelor of Arts and his particular interest in Classics to create the project “Emeritus Professor Ronald Godfrey Tanner & Collected Papers.” This project involved digitisation, digital editing, research, community/media engagement and writing content.  Peter applied various forms of media, including radio and social media platforms to promote and share this digitised project.

Student Engagement Awards are offered in the following categories:

This award recognises a student who has shown an outstanding commitment to enhancing the experience of their fellow UON students. These students are the people who are active in a range of activities in and out of their chosen study area, and they help others to have a great time at UON.

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This will be a student who has generously volunteered their time to improve the student experience for fellow students on campus.

Attach the completed Supporting Information template to your nomination.

The Student Entrepreneur of the Year will demonstrate an ability to think differently and present new concepts, and has achieved impact in the areas of enterprise and innovation. The entrepreneurial activity may be a technological, social or a creative innovation.

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This award is for an outstanding student achievement in work integrated learning (WIL) course as part of their studies.  The recipient will have engaged in meaningful and consequential workplace activity that has benefited their learning outcomes and career development as well as the partner employer or organisation.

Attach the completed Supporting Information template to your nomination.

This award is for an outstanding student achievement in an intern or cadet program (including at UON).  The recipient will have engaged in meaningful and consequential workplace activity that has benefited their learning outcomes and career development as well as the partner employer or organisation.

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The Club of the Year Award recognises a club or society that works hard to engage students across UON, is active across the academic year and reaches out to a broad range of students.

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The Global Citizen Award is to celebrate the work of an international or domestic student who has embraced global experience and diversity in their educational journey and who shares this passion with their peers.

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