UoN: Doing things differently

NeW Directions provides the path for UoN to do things differently.

We will express clearer futures and directions for each of our campuses and ensure that staff understand the short and long term education and research goals for their campus, wherever they are located.

We will get the settings and structures 'right' to support the great delivery of services to staff and students. Across the period of the NeW Directions Strategic Plan we will systematically improve services and realign resource allocations to achieve the targets and priorities we set ourselves.

We will work out how to use limited resources to achieve our aspirations by using the principle that the activities required to support our NeW Directions Strategic Plan are 'instead of' rather than 'on top of' less productive activities and 'busy work'.

There will be bumps in the road — there will be disruptive global events, changes in external funding policies, great ideas that don't work, times for celebration when we achieve our goals and times for reflection when we miss the mark.

This next phase will require some of us to show great leadership and initiative, some of us to trust in new processes and all of us to support each other.

We will no longer use the expression 'this is the way we have always done things at the university'.

We will be proud to say 'we do things differently at this university – and it works'.