Meeting the education challenge

This is a time of fundamental change in teaching and learning in the global higher education sector, and the possibilities and opportunities for educators are both challenging and exciting. There is significant scope to harness new technologies to support a deeper engagement between student and academic, and deliver a 'next generation' university experience — if we get it right.

This will require some to be brave and experiment with and apply those new technologies across courses, programs and teaching to deliver that added value. As a university, UoN needs to support that change and recruit staff who, backed by our professional experts, are willing to experiment in learning and teaching.

The demands of the creative industries and the services sector, the importance of design and new imaging technologies in all spheres of endeavour, the globalisation of the health, energy and environment sectors, and the blending of previously distinct disciplines such as in 'neuromarketing' and other areas, require us to rethink our traditional approaches to program development as we seek to 'future proof' our graduates and academics. Ensuring our administrative systems and processes support innovation in curricula design, course delivery and assessment processes will be critical in moving forward.

As an institution we will continue to be defined by the 'Engage Newcastle — Our community, Your university' approach with our students engaged in social enterprise and cooperative education activities; and our staff and students will continue to contribute to volunteer, leadership and community engagement programs. We will build on our strong approaches in work-integrated learning placing students nationally and internationally; and we will harness the valuable input and advice of our alumni community to build the competitiveness of all of our graduates.