NeW Directions is the University of Newcastle's response to the changing global higher education landscape.

NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-15

NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-15 is the University of Newcastle's response to a radically changing global landscape.

As governments across the globe work hard to build knowledge-based economies, international competition for talented academic and professional staff and students is intensifying.

New technologies continue to redefine the teaching and learning experience in exciting ways and partnerships are the key to success and to addressing complex global challenges.

This is a remarkable and exciting time to be part of the global higher education landscape, and to be part of the University of Newcastle. With the support and engagement of our communities we will achieve our vision and make a significant and lasting contribution to the economic prosperity and social cohesion of our regions across the world.

The Strategic Plan consists of five separate plans, each with their own set of strategic objectives and associated actions. Click here for the full version of NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-15 (PDF, 934KB).

Our education strategies in NeW Directions Strategic Plan aim to support staff to develop the skills and resources they need to be innovative, and deliver a rewarding and challenging student experience.

Education Plan Strategic Objectives

  1. Build access, participation and success for our students.
  2. High quality academic programs that support the global competitiveness of the UoN graduate.
  3. An outstanding student experience on and off campus that includes student engagement in research, work or community focussed activities.
  4. Innovative educational delivery models that place the University of Newcastle in the top quartile for teaching and learning performance in Australia by 2015.
  5. An outstanding and dynamic teaching culture and workforce.

World-class performance in research and innovation will position us among the world's best universities in our spheres of achievement.

Research and Innovation Plan Strategic Objectives

  1. Build areas of research strength and impact, and achieve a world university ranking in the top 200.
  2. Deliver world-class innovation through collaborative engagement in research projects with industry, business and government partners in our regions and across Australia.
  3. Increase the world standing of our research through new collaborative arrangements and with first-rate international partners.
  4. Build the next generation of research leaders at the University of Newcastle.
  5. Support our staff to build success in research.

The contribution of each and every one of our staff members is important if we are to deliver the 2025 Vision. We will recruit academic and professional staff who are committed to the UoN Vision and Values, and we will provide staff with opportunities to be innovative and to excel in what they do.

Future Workforce Plan Strategic Objectives

  1. Staff are supported to perform at world-class levels and to be innovative in their practice.
  2. UoN has the leadership capacity and capability to deliver the 2025 Vision, performance targets and lead strategies.
  3. Staff are clear about their roles and the performance required to support career aspirations in the context of the 2025 Vision.
  4. Staff actively engage with international, national and regional communities and our conjoints, alumni, friends and benefactors.
  5. UoN is a vibrant and dynamic community and a healthy and rewarding place to work.

With clear directions for each of our campuses, we will establish the right settings and structures to support the delivery of services to staff and students. We will systematically improve services and realign resource allocation to achieve our key priorities.

Campus, Capital and IT Plan Strategic Objectives

  1. UoN provides a unified virtual and physical environment supporting the attainment of excellence and innovation in education and research.
  2. The UoN provides infrastructure for all modes of study and at campuses and locations that support world-class education and research.
  3. Our identified and emerging areas of research strength are supported through targeted renewal and development of best practice research infrastructure.
  4. Quality physical and virtual environments across the University provide a vibrant student experience and staff culture.
  5. Quality infrastructure and services support the attainment of excellence in education.

Through diverse commercial opportunities, sound financial management and investment, we will create a sustainable financial future that supports our aspirations to be a global leader in our spheres of achievement.

Finance Plan Strategic Objectives

  1. The University will deliver a targeted investment over five years to progress its aspiration to be a global leader in each of its spheres of achievement and deliver world class innovation.
  2. The University will follow responsible financial management practices that enable it to generate the resources required to invest in its future.
  3. The University will seek commercial opportunities that diversify its revenue base, and provide additional resources for its core teaching and research missions.
  4. The University will follow sound financing and investment practices that make a positive contribution to a sustainable financial future.