The University of Newcastle, Australia

Government Information Public Access (GIPA)

Register of Contracts

The University is required to maintain a publically available register of contracts under Part 3 Division 5 of the NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA Act), for contracts that are valued at, or are likely to have a value of, $150,000 or more.

Contracts required to be disclosed in the register include contracts in which a party agrees to:

  • undertake a project (eg construction, infrastructure or property development);
  • provide specific goods or services, (eg information technology services);
  • transfer real property to another party;
  • a lease of real property; or
  • any material variation to an existing contract.


  • Employment/Temp Labour do not need to be included, and
  • Research related contracts are not recorded on this register on the basis that disclosure may reasonably affect the University's legitimate business interests.

The University is not required to publish certain confidential information as detailed in Section 32 of the GIPA Act.

Classes of Contracts

The Act identifies three classes of contracts.

Class 1 Contracts  entered into by the University following the usual tendering process.

Class 2 Contracts are primarily a Sole Supplier or by Direct Negotiation. No Tender process required.

Class 3 Contracts have a value of more than $5 million and meet the requirements of a Class 2 contract.

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Updating Contract Register Information

To update contract information or add additional contract information to the register, please complete the appropriate form:

Further information

For further information on specific contracts listed in this register, or the procurement process please contact Strategic Procurement by emailing

For further information on access to University information and the GIPA Act please contact the University Complaints & Information Officer by emailing