The Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact (SORTI) is focused on understanding and developing research and higher order problem solving skills, an

Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact


Competitive Grants

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Submitted applications:

Start to finish: An innovative online diagnostic resource to support doctoral student learning Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Innovations and Development Grant
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Kylie Shaw, A/Prof Sue Starfield, Prof Jen Webb, Prof Pat Drake

Investigating early stage PhD candidate voice and support seeking behaviour, learner profile and expectations in relation to satisfaction and progress
Australian Research Council (DP)
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Professor Sid Bourke, Dr Johanna Mcneil, Dr Margaret Kiley


NSW Department of Education and Communities/Research Grant – Volunteering Strategy Evaluation
NSW Department of Education and Communities 
Prof Max Smith, Prof Allyson Holbrook, A/Prof Kevin Lyons, Ms Penny Crofts, Dr Erica Southgate, Dr Johanna Macneil

Targeting educational and career aspirations in the middle years of schooling: Understanding complexity for increased equity
Australian Research Council (LP)
Prof Jenny Gore, Prof James Albright, Dr Erica Southgate, Dr Kath Holmes, Prof Max Smith, Ms Michelle Heaney

Increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour to improve health and well-being in adolescent boys from disadvantaged schools
Australian Research Council (DP)
A/Prof David Lubans, Prof Philip Morgan, Dr Kerry Dally, Prof Ron Plotnikoff

Coursework in Australian PhD programs: What's happening, why, and future directions?
Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)
Dr Margaret Kiley

People, Places, Pedagogy, Paradigm and Purpose: Evaluating Innovation and Building Research Capacity within a K-12 School
Association of Independent Schools
Dr Kylie Shaw, Dr Kathryn Holmes, Dr Rachel Buchanan, Mr Greg Preston

Investigating student study behaviors in blended-learning environmentsEcho360
Mr Greg Preston


A cross-national study of the relative impact of an oral component on PhD examination quality, language and practice
Australian Research Council (DP)
Prof Allyson Holbrook, Prof Sid Bourke, Emeritus Prof Terry Lovat, Dr Margaret Kiley, Prof Brian Paltridge, A/Prof Sue Starfield

The NSW Child Development Study
Australian Research Council (LP)
Prof Vaughan Carr, Dr Kristin Laurens, Prof Allyson P Holbrook, Prof  Rhoshel Lenroot, Ms Sally Brinkman, Dr Miles Bore, Dr Elizabeth Maloney, Dr Maxwell Smith, Mr Robert Stevens, A/ Prof John Allan

Innovative Teaching and Learning Research Project
NSW Department of Education and Training
Prof Sid Bourke, Dr Kathryn Holmes, Mr Greg Preston, Dr Kylie Shaw

Indigenous Research Higher Degree candidature in Australian universities: Exploring identity at the cultural interface
Australian Research Council (IRDS)
Dr Kathleen Butler, Prof Allyson Holbrook

Building Connections through Play
Interrelate Family Centres
Dr Richard Fletcher, Dr Jennifer St George

Teaching Teachers for the Future - Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Pre-Service Teacher Education Student Survey
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Dr Kathryn Holmes, A/Prof Glenn Finger

Building local leadership for research educationAustralian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Emeritus Prof David Boud , Dr Andrew Solomon, Dr Jo McKenzie, Dr Margaret Kiley, Prof Angela Brew, Dr Janne Malfroy

I've done a coursework Masters now I want to do a PhD: Can I?
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Dr Margaret Kiley

Making Educational Goals Sustainable Phase 3
NSW Department of Education and Communities
Dr Erica Southgate, Prof Jennifer Gore, Dr Kathryn Holmes, Mr Hywel Ellis


Adaptive Knowledge Production
Educational Research Institute Newcastle (ERIN)
Prof A. Holbrook, Prof Sid Bourke, Prof John O'Connor, Dr Margaret Kiley, Dr Jill Scevak, Prof Stephen Crump, Dr Shen Chen, Dr Kath Holmes, Dr Eva Petersen, Dr Kathleen Butler

I've done the coursework, now I'd like to do a doctorate. Can I?
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Dr Margaret Kiley

Where are our doctoral candidates coming from and why?
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Research Grant (ALT-C)
Dr Margaret Kiley


Influences of metacognitive beliefs on success in PhD candidature
Australian Research Council (DP)
Prof Sid Bourke, Dr Robert Cantwell, Dr Jill Scevak, Prof Allyson Holbrook

Evaluation of Strong Smarter Learning Communities Project
Queensland University of Technology
A/Prof James Ladwig, Emeritus Prof Terry Lovat

Learning Place & Identity: An investigation into the affordances of 'a pedagogy of place
Xstrata Coal Australia Pty Ltd
Dr Kathryn Grushka, Mrs Deidre Heitmeyer, Mrs Michelle Nicholson, Ms Ruth Crick