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Dr Matthew Lewis is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre for the History of Violence. Until September 2013, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre for War Studies at University College Dublin, where he worked on the European Research Council funded project ‘The Limits of Demobilization: Paramilitary Violence in Europe and the Wider World, 1917–1923’. He completed his doctorate at Queen's University Belfast in 2011.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Queens University of Belfast - Ireland, 15/12/2011


Research keywords

  • British Colonial Policing
  • Irish Republican Army
  • Irish Revolution
  • Late Modern Ireland
  • Palestine Mandate
  • Political Violence

Research expertise

My research focuses on late modern Irish history and twentieth-century British imperial history, with particular interests in the Irish Revolution and British colonial policing.

At present, I am working on a comparative study of paramilitarism as an aspect of British policing in Ireland and Palestine after the First World War (1920-1926). I am particularly interested in assessing the role of intra-imperial movement in the transfer of violent mentalities and practices between conflict situations.

In 2014, I will publish my first book with University College Dublin Press, Frank Aiken's War: The Irish Revolution, 1916-1923. Based on research for my 2011 doctoral thesis, it explores the controversial revolutionary past of one of independent Ireland's most prominent politicians and international statesmen, and the broader context of republican politics and violence in the borderlands of south-east Ulster amid the upheavals of revolution, partition and civil war.

Fields of Research

210399Historical Studies Not Elsewhere Classified60
210305British History40


Teaching expertise

Since 2010, I have taught a variety of courses on Irish and European history. These have included survey courses on twentieth-century Irish history and the history of political violence in twentieth-century Europe, as well as specialist courses on the Irish Revolution and the Third Reich.



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Book (1 outputs)

2014Lewis M, Frank Aiken's War: The Irish Revolution, 1916-23, University College Dublin Press, Dublin, 250 (2014) [A1]

Journal article (2 outputs)

2014Lewis M, 'The Fourth Northern Division and the Joint-IRA Offensive, April-July 1922', War in History, 21 302-321 (2014)

DOI: 10.1177/0968344513505400


2010Lewis M, 'The Newry Brigade and the War of Independence in Armagh and South Down, 1919-1921', The Irish Sword: the journal of the military history society of lreland, 27 225-232 (2010) [C1]

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Total funding$35,000

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2014 (2 grants)

Violence Studies$30,000
Funding Body: University of Newcastle - Faculty of Education and Arts

Project Team
Professor Philip Dwyer, Associate Professor Hans Lukas Kieser, Professor Roger Markwick, Doctor Lisa Featherstone, Doctor Michael Ondaatje, Doctor Shigeru Sato, Doctor Matthew Lewis
Research Programme 2014Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

British paramilitary violence in Ireland and Palestine, 1920–1926$5,000
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Doctor Matthew Lewis
New Staff GrantChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

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Dr William (Matthew) Lewis

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