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Dr Jennifer StGeorge is an Early Career Researcher at the University of Newcastle. Jennifer’s PhD in music educational psychology was awarded in 2010, gaining a University and National Australian Society for Music Education Award. In her position as Senior Research Academic in the Fathers and Families Research Program, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Jennifer has responsibility for at least ten completed and current research projects. Her responsibilities include all aspects from research design to writing up. She teaches courses in qualitative research methods and human services, is a registered trainer for NVivo (qualitative analysis software) and reviews journals in related fields.


  • PhD, University of Newcastle, 12/07/2010


Research keywords

  • Family Studies
  • Music Educational Psychology
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Research expertise

My research experience is situated in both Education and in Health.

I commenced my research career with a mixed methods doctoral study in music education psychology ('The subjectivity of musical instrument learning', 2010), and I have developed several publications and presentations from this research (e.g.,StGeorge, Cantwell & Holbrook, 2012). For the doctoral thesis I earned the Newcastle Institute of Education Thesis Prize, and the Callaway Doctoral Award from the Australian Society for Music Education . As a member of SORTI (Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact), I have collaborated in studies exploring doctoral experiences in the Fine Arts (e.g., Holbrook, StGeorge, Graham, Lawry & Ashburn, 2006).

My knowledge in the family studies discipline stems from my research with the Fathers and Families Research Program (F&FRP), Faculty of Health. As Research Academic, I have responsibility for at least ten completed and current research projects. My methodological strengths lie in qualitative and mixed research methodologies. Research instruments that I have designed and used in data collection include questionnaires, focus groups, and structured, semi-structured and in-depth interviews. Other data I work with include videos and online texts (e.g., Fletcher & StGeorge, 2011). In collaboration with Fletcher, I have developed an observation instrument designed to measure parent-child interaction (e.g., Fletcher, StGeorge & Freeman, 2012).


  • French

Fields of Research

139999Education Not Elsewhere Classified50
169999Studies In Human Society Not Elsewhere Classified50


Body relevant to professional practice.

  • Member - Australian Society for Music Education


Research Award.

2012Australian Postgraduate Award
Australian Government (Australia)
APA scholarships are awarded to students of exceptional research potential undertaking a HDR in Australia.
2011Callaway Doctoral Award
Australian Society for Music Education (Australia)
For an outstanding thesis
2011Newcastle Institute for Educational Research Thesis Prize
Newcastle Institute for Educational Research (Australia)
For an outstanding doctoral thesis in the field of Education.


Since 2008, I have worked within the Fathers and Families Research Program, in the Family Action Centre, Faculty of Health and Medicine. Led by Dr Richard Fletcher, the research team has worked on a number of different projects with a core focus on fathers' role in family life and child well-being and father-inclusive practice in human services. The team have together produced a suite of peer-reviewed publications that explore fathers' influence from quantitative, qualitative and observational research approaches. In addition, we work collaboratively with researchers in Canada and the USA to develop theoretical and practical extensions of our research.

At the same time, I have been developing publications from my thesis in music education psychology and maintaining collaborations with research colleagues in SORTI (Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact). Recent projects include ARC funded study of doctoral examination including vivas.


Administrative expertise

Program Co-Convenor Master of Family Studies


Teaching keywords

  • Father Engagement
  • Men in Human Services
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Teaching expertise

Courses I teach include:

Men in Human Services

Father Engagement - Theory and Practice

Qualitative Research Methods

I am also a registered trainer in NVivo qualitative analysis software and since 2007 have delivered training to research students and academics at ANU, Macquarie University and University of Newcastle.



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Journal article (13 outputs)

2014StGeorge J, Holbrook A, Cantwell R, 'Affinity for music: A study of the role of emotion in musical instrument learning', International Journal of Music Education, 32 264-277 (2014) [C1]
2014St George JM, Fletcher R, 'Men's experiences of grandfatherhood: A welcome surprise', International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 78 353-380 (2014)
2013Fletcher R, StGeorge J, Freeman E, 'Rough and tumble play quality: Theoretical foundations for a new measure of father-child interaction', Early Child Development and Care, 183 746-759 (2013) [C1]
2013Fletcher Richard, Freeman E, Ross NM, St George J, 'A quantitative analysis of practitioners' knowledge of fathers and fathers' engagement in family relationship services', Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 24 270-277 (2013) [C1]
2012St George JM, Fletcher R, 'Time for work, commuting, and parenting? Commuting parents' involvement with their children', Community, Work and Family, 15 273-291 (2012) [C1]

Co-authors: Richard Fletcher

2012St George JM, Holbrook AP, Cantwell RH, 'Learning patterns in music practice: Links between disposition, practice strategies and outcomes', Music Education Research, 14 243-263 (2012) [C1]

Co-authors: Allyson Holbrook

2012St George JM, Fletcher R, 'Fathers' role in school readiness', Every Child, 18 22-24 (2012) [C3]

Co-authors: Richard Fletcher

2011St George JM, Fletcher R, 'Fathers online: Learning about fatherhood through the internet', Journal of Perinatal Education, 20 154-162 (2011) [C1]

Co-authors: Richard Fletcher

2011Fletcher R, St George JM, 'Heading into fatherhood-nervously: Support for fathering from online dads', Qualitative Health Research, 21 1101-1114 (2011) [C1]
2011Fletcher R, May CD, St George J, Morgan P, Lubans D, 'Fathers' Perceptions of Rough and Tumble Play', Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 36 131-138 (2011) [C1]
2010Fletcher R, St George JM, 'Practitioners' understanding of father engagement in the context of family dispute resolution', Journal of Family Studies, 16 101-115 (2010) [C1]
2010Fletcher R, St George JM, 'Men's help-seeking in the context of family separation', Advances in Mental Health, 9 49-62 (2010) [C1]

Co-authors: Richard Fletcher

2006Holbrook A, St George JM, Graham A, Lawry M, Ashburn L, 'Assessment Practice in Fine Art Higher Degrees', Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy: quarterly journal of media research and resources, 118 86-97 (2006) [C1]
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Conference (9 outputs)

2012St George JM, Holbrook AH, 'Cognitive, social and affective factors related to engagement in instrumental music learning', EARLI 2011 14th Biennial Conference: Education for a Global Networked Society. Book of Abstracts and Extended Summaries, Exeter (2012)
2011St George JM, 'Continuing engagement with music: The role of cognitive, social and affective disorders', The Seventh International Conference for Research in Music Education: Summaries and Abstracts, Exeter (2011) [E3]
2010Fletcher R, May C, St George JM, Morgan PJ, Lubans DR, 'Fathers' perceptions of rough and tumble play', 11th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference Proceedings, Melbourne (2010) [E3]
2010St George JM, Fletcher R, 'Travelling well: Commuting parents' involvement with their children', 11th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference. Program and Abstracts, Melbourne, Vic (2010) [E3]

Co-authors: Richard Fletcher

2010Holbrook AP, St George JM, Sebalj DA, Shaw KM, 'Managing degrees of uncertainty: Management expectations in supervision', AARE International Education Research Conference - 2010, Melbourne, Vic (2010) [E3]
2009Simmons BA, Holbrook AP, St George JM, Lawry MJ, Graham AM, 'Developing a researcher perspective during the course of a fine art research degree: Issues relating to supervision', AARE 2008 Conference Papers Collection: Proceedings, Brisbane, QLD (2009) [E2]
2009Fletcher R, St George JM, Douglas SL, Gray KM, 'The dad, the chat and the cam: New father's use of the web', National Men's Health Gathering 2009: Program and Abstracts, Newcastle, NSW (2009) [E3]
2008Fletcher R, St George JM, 'Practitioners' understanding of father engagement in the context of family dispute resolution', 10th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference: Program & Abstracts, Melbourne, VIC (2008) [E3]

Co-authors: Richard Fletcher

2004St George JM, 'The musical dropout: A new perspective', Proceedings of the XXVIth Annual Conference, Southern Cross University Tweed Heads (2004) [E1]
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Grants and Funding


Number of grants4
Total funding$337,185

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2014 (2 grants)

ERF Teaching Relief - St George$23,520
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Doctor Jennifer St George, Professor Darren Rivett
Equity Research FellowshipInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

Validation of the Rough-and-Tumble Play Quality (RTP-Q) measure of father-child interaction$3,735
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Doctor Jennifer St George
Equity Research FellowshipChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2013 (1 grants)

Evaluation of the effectiveness of a drumming-based intervention on the social and emotional wellbeing of at risk youth$9,930
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Doctor Jennifer St George
Early Career Researcher GrantChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2011 (1 grants)

Building Connections through Play-Interrelate$300,000
Funding Body: Interrelate Family Centres

Project Team
Doctor Richard Fletcher, Doctor Jennifer St George
Research ConsultancyInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions1
Total current UoN Masters EFTSL0.2

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20142018M Philosophy (Music)Co-SupervisorNSW Conservatoria of Music: Community Making and Social Inclusion

Dr Jennifer St George

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