Video testimonials

student on exchange 

Have you been on an overseas experience? We challenge you to capture your experience in a 2minute video that reflects your time overseas. All aspects of your time abroad may be considered for subject matter (e.g. student life; the local culture and community; any travel you undertake).

Be creative and help inspire others to go abroad!


Nomination is open to all domestic and international undergraduate and postgraduate students, who have successfully completed, or are currently undertaking a student exchange or short-term experience. Experiences could include a semester exchange, an overseas university short course, volunteering abroad, international work placement or attending an international conference.


  1. The video must contain reference to the University of Newcastle and the partner institution / provider
  2. The video title must contain the words 'My Study Abroad Experience'
  3. The video can use any audio/visual multimedia format (video, flash, animation, photo montage, slide show etc).
  4. The video must be uploaded on to YouTube with the link to the video provided in the application form.
  5. The video must be no longer than 2 minutes.


Complete the following Application form.


If you are not tech savy, don't worry - there are lots of free programs which will do all the work for you. Check out programs like Windows Movie Maker or Picasa.