Volunteer to get involved with your university community and your wider community during your time studying with us.


There are so many ways you can get involved with your university community and your wider community during your time studying with us. Volunteering looks great on your resume and is a great booster for your professional development.

Volunteering on campus

If you're in your second year or above, become a student mentor to help new students settle into university study. Your participation will be noted on your AHEG statement, and if you're involved with the University's iLead program, you will receive points towards this.

You'll be provided with between six and 15 new students to mentor.

As a mentor you'll help new students by:

  • sharing your tips on being a successful student
  • providing support and advice on new student matters
  • referring new students to the right places if they have ongoing concerns about university.

You'll need to:

  • make contact with new students via email each fortnight from Orientation until week six of semester
  • attend an information session to ensure you are up-to-date with new student matters
  • make time to have a coffee with new students on campus (coffee vouchers are provided)
  • provide ongoing support if your students contact you after week six of semester.

Applications to become a mentor for 2016 are now open. Visit Careerhub for additional information or apply here.

Get involved with UON Volunteers for a variety of opportunities ranging from UON events including Orientation, Green Week and Stress Less Week, weekly bbqs, parties, gigs, Watt Space, the Community Garden, Yak Media and charity support.

You can accrue rewards along the way and your volunteering hours may be noted on your AHEG statement when you graduate.  Additionally, if you're involved with the University's iLead program, your volunteering hours receive iLead points.

Email us at volunteers@newcastle.edu.au if you have any questions.

If you register as a UON Volunteer you will have access to an online system of volunteering opportunities - you just check the description, see if the activity sounds interesting (and you are available) and sign up - easy.
You can register here to be a part of UON Volunteers - we'd love to have you join us.
Already registered?  Log in here to see what opportunities are currently available.

Get more out of your University experience - meet new people, have a great time, put it on your resume and be rewarded for it - win, win, win and win.

Volunteer as an advocate with the Family Action Centre's SNUG program – a retreat program for rural families caring for a child with a rare heath condition. You'll help families with daily activities, accompany them to medical visits and advocate for their needs throughout the program.

Become a Watt Space Gallery volunteer and assist with exhibitions.

If you're a Design or Creative Arts students, you can volunteer at the University Gallery to gain Arts Administration training and assist with exhibitions and events.

Volunteering in your community

Volunteer in your community and see how beneficial and empowering community participation can be.

See the CareerHub for opportunities to volunteer locally, nationally and internationally or visit The Centre for Volunteering NSW or the Hunter Volunteer Centre.