Landslides and Rockfalls in and Adjacent to the Sydney Basin

Key Researchers: Stephen Fityus, Phil Flentje (UOW), Russell Rigby, John Gibson


Despite its relatively moderate topographic expressions, the particular geological settings in and adjacent to the Sydney Basin are host to a variety of styles of slope instability. Geological associations between fine-grained units and massively-bedded conglomerates and sandstones in the sub-horizontal strata of the Sydney Basin accommodate block topples and falls, and translational block sliding in certain areas. This research is interested in finding out why some settings are more prone to such instability than others. North of the Hunter River, the variably dipping strata of the southern New England Fold Belt present translational block slides on a massive scale, and these too are not well understood.


  • Case studies of identified landslides and rockfall events, correlating geological and climatic factors
  • Laboratory characterisation of significant geologic materials
  • Back analysis to elucidate key parameters that can't be directly measured


  • Improved landslide hazard and risk assessment

Figure 1