Our Aims

Cancer is often treated with radiation. We aim to improve the accuracy of current cancer diagnosis, therapy planning, delivery techniques, and accuracy of delivery. Research in this area is conducted by multidisciplinary experts in various sites using innovative methods and technologies. The application of physics and mathematics to healthcare has and continues to make a major impact on human health. Medical physics is a rapidly changing and growing field where innovation and research can have an immediate application to patients and improved treatment outcomes.

We build capacity by fostering emerging researchers through higher research degrees, with co-supervision from Medical Physicists, Radiation Oncologists and Academic supervisors.


We are world-leaders in the application of imaging devices to the dosimetric measurement and performance assessment of complex radiation deliveries including development of real-time patient treatment verification systems. Other research areas are the application of magnetic resonance imaging including functional scanning and synthetic CT to improving radiation therapy planning. A wide variety of projects in other areas are also supported.


The Medical Physics Group is a member of the Centre for Cancer Research Innovation and Translation and the Hunter Cancer Research Alliance (HCRA). Most members are based at the Calvary Mater Newcastle, Central Coast Cancer Centre and North West Cancer Centre.


We welcome enquiries from potential students or postdoctoral researchers.

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Conjoint Professor Peter Greer