Fuels, Materials and Energy Utilisation

Fuels, Materials and Energy Utilisation

Thematic Areas, Programs and Projects

1. Novel options for CO2 capture and storage

Mineral carbonation

* MCI project ($9 M)

Post combustion capture

* Various projects with CSIRO

2. Transportation fuels

Coal and biomass to liquid

* New catalysts for the Fischer–Tropsch process

* Optimisation of the Fischer–Tropsch process

Energy carriers

* Ammonia, methanol and H2 as energy carriers

3. Energy conversion

Fuel cells

* Direct carbon fuel cells

Batteries and super-capacitors

* Advanced materials for batteries and super-capacitors

4. Fuel and material utilisation in non-energy applications

Fuel and material utilisation in manufacturing

* Coking coal in Iron making (various existing projects funded through BHPB Centre for Iron-making Research and ARC Linkage scheme)

Fuel and material utilisation in the process and chemical industries

* CO2 utilisation (food industries, enhanced oil recovery, chemicals, fire suppressants, etc)

5. Energy & the Environment

Environmental repair and pollution abatement

* Energy efficient contaminated soil treatment

Integrated waste processing

* Waste processing / utilisation with energy recovery and generation

Industrial ecology

* GRANSAL projects


* Life cycle analysis, sustainability principles, sustainable waste processing

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