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Enterprise and Innovation week offers a diverse range of master classes. The master classes will provide students and staff with an opportunity to learn from experts in the field and gain a greater understanding of skills required by successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

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An Entrepreneurs Understanding of IP

Dr Mack Saraswat

When: Monday 7 August @ 11am
Where: SRG40 Innovation Lab, Callaghan campus

This Master Class is designed to help student develop an understanding of IP and how this understanding has helped launch successful start-ups.

About the speaker

Dr Mack Saraswat is a serial entrepreneur and has lived in New Zealand, Scotland and India before settling here in Australia. He has a Ph.D in Biochemistry, has two patents to his name, and has seven startups under his belt. Drawing experience from failed startups and one successful exit, Mack understands the art of commercialisation and learning from one's mistakes. At UON, Mack is responsible for business development and looks after the faculties of health, education and the school of psychology. In his spare time Mack runs two startup companies, jams on the cajon and remotely manages a scholarship programme called Girls in Tech in India.

Monetising Apps

Dr Shamus Smith

When: Tuesday 8 August @ 2pm
Where: SRG40 Innovation Lab, Callaghan campus

In this Master Class you will learn from a professional app developer on how he has developed and launched apps for a financial return.

About the speaker

Dr Shamus Smith is a software engineer in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing. He has 7 years experience in app development and has deployed 20 smartphone/tablet apps with over 65,000 downloads globally. He has expertise in the design, development and evaluation of interactive software interfaces. His research interests include virtual environments, app development, technology-enhanced learning and, more generally, human-computer interaction. He is the co-leader of the i3Lab at UON, a consortium of computing experts who address industry-relevant problems where significant value can be gained by the invention of new solutions related to the complex interactions that occur between the humans, computers and data. He is also co-founder of the Digital Identity, Curation and Education (DICE) network that explores digital identity, digital footprints, curation of online presence, and serious games for learning. The aim is to investigate new frontiers in digital engagement and education to produce research and resources (e.g. apps and games) for today’s learners.

From dreams to doughnuts

Anna Farthing

When: Wednesday 9 August @ 11am
Where: SRG01, Callaghan campus

In this Master Class you will hear from the founder of Doughheads Newcastle, Anna Farthing and learn from her experiences in launching and branding her delicious idea.

About the speaker

Anna is the Founder, Creative Director and Head Trouble maker of Doughheads and has a great story about starting a business from scratch. The initial concept was developed in 2013 and through dedication to building a strong brand and being willing to take a few risks along the way, we launched in June 2014. Today we have a following of over 80K doughnut lovers and in the past year, we sold more than 250k doughnuts.

Better Caring - disrupting the traditional service model

Peter Scutt

When: Thursday 10 August @ 10am
Where: SRG01, Callaghan campus

In this Master Class you will hear from the founder of Better Caring, Peter Scutt, and learn from his experiences in developing a new platform, and service model for the disability and aged care sector.

About the speaker

Peter Scutt is Founder and Co-CEO of Better Caring Pty Limited, an online peer to peer marketplace where people who are ageing or have a disability can directly choose and schedule a team of independent support workers according to their needs and preferences. The marketplace is significantly improving outcomes for consumers and workers. Peter was previously a partner of a global financial institution. He ran operating businesses before founding and managing their US venture capital business. He saw up close the way technology could transform industries for the better and empower consumers. Along the way, he’s founded companies in financial services and hospitality and has served on the boards of several private and public companies. His initial interest in aged care and disability support stems from his family experience. Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Major).

Lessons of an Online Innovator with Perry Henderson

Perry Henderson

When: Thursday 10 August @ 1:30pm
Where: Marquee on the Quad, Central Coast Campus

In this Master Class you will hear form Perry Henderson on how to turn adversity into advantage and how to create your dream job.

About the speaker

Perry Henderson knows that it takes guts, commitment and determination to succeed in business; especially in a competitive and global market created by technology and online. The 29-year-old father of two, established his business Missing Link Social Media in 2012 from his Mum’s unit on the Central Coast and has since grown this dynamic business to employee two full-time staff, who assist leading brands such as the Central Coast Mariners FC, Jim’s Mowing Australia, and the Gosford Classic Car Museum, to leverage their clients’ social media marketing to turn ‘buzz into bucks’. But it has not been all smooth sailing for this online entrepreneur and innovator. When his plans to become a tradesperson after school, morphed into studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle Central Coast campus, he found a new passion for understanding consumer behaviour and social technology, and dedicated his business to creating real, meaningful, and profitable relationships between brands and their target customers. In this presentation, Perry will share personal stories of how he overcame adversity and unexpected challenges, from the surprise pregnancy of his wife, to his brother’s passing; to build an internationally thriving business. He will also share his top tips to grow your enterprise online, and three hacks to develop your professional online presence.

Careers in Innovation

Dr Sarah Pearson

When: Thursday 10 August @ 2pm
Where: SRG01, Callaghan campus

In this Master Class you will hear from Dr Sarah Pearson and her journey about how they developed a career as an Innovator.

About the speaker

Dr Sarah Pearson joined the University of Newcastle in March 2017 as the inaugural Pro Vice-Chanceller Industry Engagement and Innovation (PVC IEI) in Research and Innovation Division. The PVC IEI role provides strategic leadership in building industry links and partnerships, forging joint industry–university initiatives, accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship through innovation hubs, and achieving excellence in the translation and commercialisation of research. Dr Pearson has driven innovation strategy and practice in both corporate, research, government and whole of ecosystem arenas for more than two decades and is passionate about helping Australia benefit from industrial, research and social innovation applications.

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