The University of Newcastle, Australia

Shaping Futures Hardship Fund

An extra helping hand for deserving students

The Shaping Futures Hardship Fund is a resource to help students in practical, immediate and impactful ways if they are facing financial hardship that may put their dream of a university qualification out of reach. You can support the Shaping Futures Hardship Fund through a donation of any amount and your generosity will help a deserving student to reduce their financial stress and to concentrate on their studies.

Laptop grants

Students facing hardship can apply for a laptop grant, providing them with a $750 voucher towards the purchase of a laptop (or similar hardware) to assist them with their studies. Students can purchase their own device, meaning that they can select the right option for their needs and the course they are studying.

Laptop grants are the first Shaping Futures Hardship Fund grants to be launched to support students facing hardship. They assist students with the purchase of an exceptionally useful piece of equipment that can be simply unaffordable for some. With your help, we would like to be able to give all students the assistance they need to have an equal chance of completing their studies and moving on to rewarding careers, regardless of their background.

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