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The promise of a better future for our world lies in finding innovative solutions for the global challenges we face. At the University of Newcastle, our researchers and students are developing new thinking, new ideas and new breakthroughs to solve the world's greatest problems. We are proudly shaping a new generation of leaders in industry, society and community - pioneers and trailblazers - who will meet these problems head on.

We are committed to realising our bold 2025 vision articulated in our NeW Futures decadal plan to stand as a global leader, distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence, creating a better future for our regions through innovation and impact.

A single spark that blazes into a powerful idea. That's all it takes to set changes in motion. To change a life. To improve our world. Find out how to make a meaningful difference through giving and unleash new (PDF, 950k).

New Discoveries with Global Impact

Professor Paul DastoorPhilanthropic support can fuel a climate of innovation. Through the University of Newcastle you can support world-leading research to challenge conventional thinking and change lives. This could mean supporting research to enable life-changing medical research, or contribute to scientific and engineering  breakthroughs that profoundly change the world. Help treat diabetes, tackle pollution, solve climate change, improve the health of stroke survivors, find new ways to empower Indigenous is whatever you want it to be.

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Creating New Opportunities

For the last 50 years, we have specialised in delivering world-class education to talented students from all walks of life. The University of Newcastle has an unwavering commitment to equity and excellence, together with a proud reputation of supporting motivated and talented students, regardless of their background or circumstances.

You can support student scholarships which create opportunity and unlock potential for those who might have all the talent in the world, but sometimes lack the opportunity to develop, explore and nurture it. Scholarships are awarded to foster the talent of academically dedicated students who are facing hardship or challenges, and to those who excel in their field. With your help, our graduates can bring the next ground-breaking new idea to life, and truly make a positive change on the world in which we live.

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Nurturing your gift with respect and integrity

The University is grateful to have been entrusted with donations from our local and global community for more than 50 years. We are custodians of many funds and charitable trusts.

The University manages its investments in collaboration with a world-leading, global consulting company. These are overseen by the Finance Committee, a sub-committee of our governing body, the University Council. The Finance Committee monitors all University financial and investment performance, oversees the integrity of the University's accounting and financial reporting processes, ensures compliance with finance related legal and regulatory requirements, and embeds effective management of financial risk across the University.

The acceptance and management of gifts are subject to our gift governance framework, and are overseen by our Philanthropic Governance Committee. This process ensures that the use, investment and distribution of philanthropic gifts is respectful, consistent and transparent, and maximises the effectiveness of the gift in delivering on the donor's intent.

We have a growing number of supporters changing lives by giving through the University each year. We are grateful for every gift and take our responsibility to nurture each gift and deliver on our supporters' wishes most seriously.