Watt Space Gallery

Contemporary and dynamic, Watt Space operates in the University’s Newcastle City precinct in an award winning re-purposed civic building, Northumberland House. Its heritage facade opens to industrial style galleries within, designed by UON alumnus Andrew Donaldson.

Watt Space has acted as an inspirational cultural hub for our students and community for almost 30 years. In 2018 the gallery welcomes a new, talented student committee and an extended student internship program to support its exciting and diverse calendar of exhibitions.

Watt Space Gallery

Photo: Danielle Minett

Current Exhibition
17- 4 OCTOBER 2018

Learning From Alice Springs

Over the past 3 years, UON Architecture students and staff have worked with the Alice Springs practice, Tangentyere Design. This unique collaboration has allowed students to participate in designing real projects within the Town Camps of Alice Springs, while meeting residents and being part of the community for a couple of weeks. Many of the projects have subsequently received funding, and some have been constructed. Our contribution is a modest effort to restore a measure of social equity and cultural agency within places Australia appears to have largely forgotten. This exhibition is an overview of some of the work undertaken, and some of the experiences that were collected along the way.

The image shows a star picket deeply hammered into the middle of a communal open space, surrounded by a handful of houses, within a Town Camp. It’s there to prick the tyres of the pricks who drift their cars at high speed in the middle of the camp. It reminds us of the happenings that we bare no witness to, but are none the less real. Does this happen where you live? In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, why are we still talking about this?