Watt Space Gallery

Contemporary and dynamic, Watt Space operates in the University’s Newcastle City precinct in an award winning re-purposed civic building, Northumberland House. Its heritage facade opens to industrial style galleries within, designed by UON alumnus Andrew Donaldson.

Watt Space has acted as an inspirational cultural hub for our students and community for almost 30 years. In 2018 the gallery welcomes a new, talented student committee and an extended student internship program to support its exciting and diverse calendar of exhibitions.

Watt Space Gallery

Photo: Danielle Minett

Current Exhibitions
25 April - 13 May 2018

Opening Launch
Thursday 26 April from 6:30pm

head on photo festival logo


If a picture paints a thousand words...

... then what sort of a story could be told with three photographs or a 30 second video sequence?

This thesis was posed to students from the University of Newcastle, recent Alumni, and current students of Newcastle Art School (TAFE), and it is their response that forms the basis for HEAD ON STUDENTS.

PhD candidate Clare Weeks and Photomedia lecturer James Murphy have curated this inaugural photographic media exhibition, which is the first time the prestigious Head On Photo Festival has come to Newcastle.

Established in 2008, Head On is a non-profit organisation which promotes the work of photographers through all stages of their careers and provides a bridge between Australian and international industries, touring worldwide and encouraging excellence and innovation in Photography.

Top Image: Angus Foxley, Untitled, 2018

Bottom Image: Scott Probst, 3000 words, 2018

Three photographs of scenic Newcastle views