What is a Researcher Profile?

Your researcher profile is an individual, publicly accessible internet profile on the University's website that provides a user friendly and efficient way of showcasing your work. It is designed to highlight areas of expertise including research, teaching / mentoring / leadership and administrative. The main data repository for researcher profile information is the Research Portfolio Manager (RPM) database.

The Research Performance and Systems Unit located within Research Services is responsible for the creation and maintenance of researcher profiles. The Media and Public Relations team assist with the provision of feature stories and / or news under the '"highlights" tab.

Researcher Profile Resources

Researcher Profile Creation Process

Step 1

Log in to RPM

Step 2

Update the mandatory fields necessary to activate your Researcher Profile.

Read the RPM quick reference guide: Updating Keywords, Languages, Personal (FoR) Codes & Researcher Expertise Statements (PDF 566 KB) This guide outlines the  mandatory fields to be completed before your profile can be activated on the web.

Step 3

Email Research Performance and Systems Support.

To request that your profile be activated please email

Step 4

Check Profile Content.

Once your profile is activated you will be able to view your HR qualifications, UoN affiliated grants, publications and supervision. (RPM receives data feeds from the relevant other University databases to populate your web page). This information is provided by the central systems responsible for each of these areas.

If you have queries regarding this data, please contact the Research Systems and Performance Unit. Please note: only non-affiliated research income and supervision outputs may be directly entered into RPM.

Step 5

Add a photo and/or other details.

You can also include a photo to your profile. Please forward your request to email with attachments.

Download the Adding and Editing Images in RPM Biography for Researcher Profiles User Guide (PDF 1.5 MB).

Researcher Profile Creation Process - additional set-up options

Step 6

Input non-affiliated research outputs.

In RPM you can enter funding / grants and supervision from other academic institutions where you were previously employed.

You can download the following Quick Reference Guides to assist you:

All non-affiliated publications can be entered into NURO in the same process as affiliated publications.

Step 7

Input other related academic information.

In RPM you can update esteemed and applied measures as well as creating a biography, including research achievements, interests and collaborations. Visit the Research Portfolio Manager (RPM) page to download any of the quick reference guides.

Step 8

Check  membership of UoN Priority Research Centres (PRCs).

PRC membership is determined by the PRC director/s. Once your profile is activated, links to any existing PRC that you have been recorded as a member of will automatically appear in your profile under the 'Groups and Centres' section. For queries regarding PRC membership please contact Lillian Courtney-Pratt.

Step 9

Create Group and Non PRC Centre membership details in RPM.

RPM also maintains researcher membership lists for non-PRC centres and groups. If you have a group or centre (non-PRC) membership that is not currently appearing in your profile, please email the Research Performance and Systems Unit.

Step 10

Highlight best publication outputs.

Select those publications both affiliated and non-affiliated that you would like to have listed at the top of your publications listings. Please see the Quick Reference Guide - Best Output (PDF 959 KB) for more details. Please note publications selected as favourite in NURO do not come through as highlighted best publications to your researcher profile.