The Centre for Energy offers research, development and consultancy services, using its state of the art laboratories which span the University of Newcastle and off campus facilities, in a variety of research and development capacities.

Priority Research Centre for


Thematic Areas

The research strengths of the Centre and its areas of focus are identified and classified under the following thematic areas:

Frontier Energy Technologies

  • Low emission technology (LET) options for:
    • mining and process industries
    • power generation from fossil fuels
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Energy efficiency and process intensification.

Examples of current projects/topics

  • VAM Abatement Safety Project
  • GRANEX┬«/Solar project (Wallsend Public Pool)
  • Heat pumps
  • Chemical looping
  • Biomass utilisation
  • Micro H2 generators
  • Enhanced oxygen transfer efficiency.

Fuels, Materials and Energy Utilisation

  • Novel options for CO2 capture and storage
  • Transportation fuels
  • Energy conversion
  • Fuel utilisation in non-energy applications
  • Energy and the environment.

Examples of current projects/topics

  • New catalysts and optimisation of the Fischer-Tropsch process
  • Ammonia, methanol and H2 as energy carriers
  • Advanced materials for batteries and super-capacitors
  • CO2 utilisation in the food industry, enhanced oil recovery, chemicals, fire suppressants
  • Energy efficient contaminated soil treatment
  • Waste processing/utilisation with energy recovery and generation.