The Directors and Program Leaders are assisted by the Advisory Board and two Committees in managing the Centre.

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The Directors and Program Leaders are assisted by the Advisory Board and two Committees; the Research Committee and the Operating Committee, in managing the Centre.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprises independent external members from industry, government agencies and academia, in addition to ex-officio and executive members from the University.


  • Dr Trevor Height, OneSteel

External members

  • Prof Adesoji Adesina, UNSW
  • Ms Cathy Inglis, Group Technical, Research & Engineering Manager, Think Brick Australia
  • Mr Barry Isherwood, Xstrata Coal
  • Dr Brent Jenkins, CEO, Newcastle Innovation
  • Mr Brad Mullard, NSW Department of Industry & Investment
  • Mr Andrew Myors, Centennial Coal
  • Prof Eric Suuberg, Brown University, USA
  • Dr Louis Wibberley, Principal Technologist, CSIRO – Division of Energy Technology


  • Prof. Mike Calford, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research.
  • Prof. John Carter, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.
  • Prof. William Hogarth, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science & IT.
  • Dr Brent Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle Innovation (formally TUNRA).


  • Prof. Bogdan Dlugogorski, Centre Director
  • Prof. Behdad Moghtaderi, Centre Deputy Director
  • Prof. Eric Kennedy, Chair - Operating Committee, Centre Deputy Director
  • A/Prof. Philip Clausen, Researcher (mechanical engineering), Member of the Operating Committee
  • A/Prof. Scott Donne, Associate Professor (Chemistry), Member of the Operating Committee
  • A/Prof. Marian Radny, Researcher (Physics), Member of the Operating Committee
  • Prof. Marcel Maeder, Researcher (Chemistry), Member of the Research Committee

Research Committee

This Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Directors and Centre's academics on research directions and priorities including:

  1. The content and relative priorities of programs and projects;
  2. Providing advice on the restructuring of projects as considered appropriate from time to time;
  3. Reviewing research outcomes and reporting on performance and progress and making recommendations on research strategies; and
  4. Overseeing the preparation and review of strategic research plans.



  • Professor Behdad Moghtaderi 

Executive Members:

  • Professor Bogdan Dlugogorski
  • Professor Marcel Maeder
  • Professor Adesoji Adesina
  • Dr Louis Wibberley 

Operating Committee

This Committee has operational and management responsibilities, including;

  • Monitoring financial control and operational procedures; and
  • Advising the Directors on budget allocation to meet the performance targets of the Centre.



  • Professor Eric Kennedy

Executive Members:

  • Professor Bogdan Dlugogorski
  • Associate Professor Philip Clausen
  • Associate ProfessorScott Donne
  • Dr Trevor Height
  • Associate Professor Marian Radny.