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PREP9400 - Introduction to Undergraduate Chemistry

This course aims to introduce students to a broad range of topics within the field of chemistry and develop basic skills in chemical calculations.

It is designed for students who are not confident that their prior studies in chemistry are adequate for the demands of undergraduate science and is also a useful review for students planning to study chemistry in engineering. Students intending to study the biological or life sciences are advised that an understanding of chemistry is beneficial.

This course is organised to present fundamental chemical concepts with particular emphasis placed on topics required for CHEM1010 or CHEM1020.

Topics include:

  • elements and compounds
  • the periodic table
  • atomic structure and chemical bonds
  • chemical reactions
  • law of conservation of mass
  • calculating quantities for chemical reactions
  • acids and bases
  • hydrocarbons and organic compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur
  • proteins, peptides and lipids

Students who have not completed 2U Chemistry or 4U Science for the HSC and intend to enrol in CHEM1010 or CHEM1020 as part of their undergraduate program are advised to take the full suite of UON Prep Chemistry courses, which includes UON Prep Foundation Chemistry .





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