PREP100 - Academic Survival Skills Online

Often the greatest problem for a student on entering university is coping with the basic demands of an academic course: lectures, tutorials, library research, assignments, examinations and time management. This course will introduce you to the skills needed to survive and succeed at university.

Academic Survival Skills Online is strongly recommended for all Open Foundation Online students, as well as any undergraduate or foundation students who are looking for an online study option.

The course is self-paced, and students can register and access the materials at any time.

The course covers:

  • effective study methods
  • getting organised and managing time
  • techniques for taking notes
  • critical and analytical reading
  • assignment preparation
  • summarising information
  • memorisation techniques
  • referencing and academic integrity
  • examination technique

This course is appropriate for all students who wish to improve their academic performance.

How to Enrol in Academic Survival Skills Online

To register for PREP100 Academic Survival Skills Online you need to visit CourseSites and Self Enrol.

Do not use Internet Explorer to complete your enrolment or access the course - Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are preferred.

After you have self-enrolled you can log in to the course via the CourseSites link above.