When you enrol in the Newstep pathway program at the University of Newcastle you will gain the skills you need to succeed at Uni.


What our students say


One of the really good things about the Newstep program is the support that it offers you.

Stephanie Ziolkowski

Past: Newstep
Present: Bachelor of Communication
Future: Travelling presenter on TV's "Getaway"

For Stephanie Ziolkowski, the Newstep pathway program was the second chance she never thought she'd need.

"I didn't get an ATAR (UAI) at High School because at that stage of my life I had never wanted to go to Uni. But at the last minute, I changed my mind and applied to Newstep two days before the closing date.

Applying to Newstep was my first step to my new life and I have never looked back.

It's a great program because it can give you a second chance, no matter what your situation is. Plus, Newstep teaches you things that you don't learn at High School. Going into first year of Communications, I felt 1000 times more confident thanks to Newstep."

Stephanie completed Newstep in 2007. She commenced a Bachelor of Communication in 2008 and is learning the skills that will hopefully lead her to her dream job in TV.