Students of the JMP will have the benefit from having access to the large range of resources and a variety of teaching doctors.

Two students with skeleton model, three students in the background looking at X-Rays

Commencing students

Commencing students

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study the Bachelor of Medicine – Joint Medical Program at the University of Newcastle.

This innovative five-year degree will prepare you for a rewarding medical career and for a key role in the maintenance and promotion of individual and community health in Australia and around the world.

You now have a limited time to decide whether you wish to accept, apply for deferral or decline the offer made to you.

Please note: Requests to defer are not granted automatically and will require you to submit an additional written statement outlining why deferment is sought. To accept your offer, please click on the University below to which you have been offered a place:

If you accept your offer, we will send you a welcome pack to help you prepare for your studies. This pack will include information on how to enrol and develop your timetable, as well as details of the upcoming orientation activities at your University.