Admission to the Joint Medical Program is highly competitive and require application to JMP directly, UAC and completion of the UMAT test.

Two students with skeleton model, three students in the background looking at X-Rays

How to apply

How to applyThe JMP will continue to offer the highly successful Bachelor of Medicine (BMed) program in 2016. The BMed is a great opportunity to study a program of international standing offering early clinical experience.

The JMP - Bachelor of Medicine is offered by the University of Newcastle and the University of New England with students studying the same curriculum at both institutions. The dual campuses allows students to choose either a metropolitan or rural campus in which to study and benefit from the differences each location offers. For more information on the campuses, visit either the University of Newcastle or the University of New England future students pages.

As part of the application process, candidates will have the opportunity to select the location at which they would prefer to enrol and complete the program.

For a handy overview of the program, download our Joint Medical Program booklet (PDF)

Admission 2016

To apply for admission to the Bachelor of Medicine applicants must:

  • register with the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) office, and sit the test
  • apply direct to the Joint Medical Program (JMP)
  • apply through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC).

Admission to the Bachelor of Medicine is highly competitive. For admissions in 2015 there were over 3000 applicants for the 170 positions available in the JMP. Applicants are encouraged to consider the following when applying:

International Students

Direct admission applications from international students for entry to the Bachelor of Medicine are not accepted. Please contact the Newcastle International College.

What's next?

Once you have completed the three steps required for admission your application will be assessed and all applicants who score the required level in UMAT will be invited to attend for the personal qualities assessments.

If you have not heard from us by the end of October, you have unfortunately missed out on a place in the JMP for next year. We encourage you to apply again the following year or to consider one of the many alternative degrees offered by the University of Newcastle or the University of New England