Ms Sher Campbell

Ms Sher Campbell

Honorary Lecturer

Newcastle Law School (Law)

Career Summary


Sher  joined the Law School in 2007 as a research assistant for Dr John Anderson. Sher has been awarded Faculty prizes in teaching and external relations. Sher is  First Year Transition and Regional Rural and Remote Coordinator. Sher is Course Coordinator for Legal System and Method in the undergraduate programme at Newcastle Law School.

Teaching and First Year Transition Pedagogy

Professional Links

Sher is on the Executive Board of Women Lawyers Association of NSW and is a member of the NSW Law Society's Diversity and Equity Committee and assists in informing law reform and policy development. As a legal educator, this role allows her to lead by example and connect with lawyers in practice. Sher encourages men and women in their first year (and beyond) at Law School to attend events, engage with the community and build a network, which is invaluable to developing a legal career. Strong professional and community involvement right from the beginning of the degree contributes, in part, to excellent dividends for Newcastle Law Students.

Rural and remote outreach with practitioners is part of Sher’s commitment to external engagement. This engagement has resulted in several students gaining employment in remote towns through Sher’s well-developed relationships with lawyers operating all over NSW. Contacts trust that Sher will nominate capable graduates who will thrive in a remote location. They know that she better understands the difficulties of working with clients from these areas and to explore the impact of declining populations, declining services and concentrated social and economic disadvantage.

Sher is involved in the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation and is active in the Wellness Foundation for Law that supports law students and young lawyers in creating positive and optimistic outlooks for students entering the demanding arena of legal work.

Teaching and Internationalisation of Legal Curriculum

Sher also works in the area of the internationalisation of the Australian Law Curriculum and the global processes impacting on Australian domestic law. To this end, Sher has been awarded grants with New Colombo Plan Mobility Programme. In July 2015, Sher led a group of law students to Chang Mai in Northern Thailand to work with issues of statelessness and child trafficking. This experience not only contextualised the theoretical aspects of international law but provided an educational experience for students that built on relationships with the judiciary and local community legal centres.

Since then, Sher has accompanied colleagues to Vietnam and Cambodia to help build strong ties and collaborative networks especially in the area of clinical practice in legal education in South East Asia. In 2017 Sher accompanied students to Myanmar to conduct a Legal Studies Externship with BABSEACLE to strengthen Clinical Legal Education in Myanmar. Sher also accompanied students to Kenya and is building on a strong relationship between women lawyers in Kenya and Australia.

Research Grants

In 2016 Sher was part of a team that successfully secured a 2017 Commonwealth Government grant as part of the Higher Education Participation and Partnership Programme (HEPPP National Priorities) to support and mentor women from regional Australia so that they may realise educational and career aspirations in law and business.

Sher is also a co-investigator in the report on ‘Becoming Wiser Women: Educational aspirations and participation of women of reproductive age in regional, rural and remote communities. The project is designed to develop new and innovative research that addresses an under-researched, under-theorised area of equity and educational access for Indigenous people of Australia.

Sher received incubation funding of over $100,000 from the NSW Government to develop a mobile phone application to help reduce the appalling statistics around family violence. The app is an early intervention tool designed to strengthen positive decision-making  around behaviours and emotions. Importantly, it reminds defendants how to comply with court orders, aimed at providing safety to partners and family members.


  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Newcastle


  • ADR
  • Disruptive Innovation and the Legal World
  • International Legal Education
  • Legal Education
  • Rural Law
  • Wellness and Law

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
480505 Legal practice, lawyering and the legal profession 100

Professional Experience

Academic appointment

Dates Title Organisation / Department
1/1/2016 -  Lecturer College of Human and Social Futures, University of Newcastle

Professional appointment

Dates Title Organisation / Department
1/2/2016 -  Executive NSW Women Lawyers Association NSW Women Lawyers Association



Year Award
2018 Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for Law Teaching in 2010
Newcastle Law School, University of Newcastle, Australia


Year Award
2017 Community Layer or Academic of the Year
NSW Women Lawyers Association
2017 Change Champion of the Year
NSW Women Lawyers Association


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Chapter (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2018 Ross NM, Ries NM, Meredith J, Campbell S, 'Local to global: Incorporating overseas work and study in the law school curriculum', The Globalisation of Higher Education: Developing Internationalised Education Research and Practice, Palgrave, Switzerland 291-305 (2018) [B1]
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-74579-4_18
Co-authors Nicola Ross, Nola Ries
2014 Ross N, Apps AE, Campbell S, 'Shaping the future lawyer: connecting students with clients in first-year law', Legal Education: Simulation in Theory and Practice, Ashgate, London 67-86 (2014) [B1]
Co-authors Ann Apps, Nicola Ross

Journal article (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2015 Lindsay KA, Kirby D, Dluzewska T, Campbell S, 'Oh, the places you'll go!: Newcastle Law School's partnership interventions for well-being in first year Law', Journal of Learning Design, 8 11-21 (2015) [C1]
DOI 10.5204/jld.v8i2.239

Conference (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2011 Ross NM, Campbell SA, Apps AE, 'Up close and personal - Creating a simulated client experience for first year law students', 14th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference 2011, Brisbane, QLD (2011) [E2]
Co-authors Nicola Ross, Ann Apps
2010 Campbell SA, Lindsay KA, 'Recruiting rural and remote law students: Creating aspiration and providing support in transition at Newcastle Law School', 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference 2010, Adelaide, SA (2010) [E2]

Grants and Funding


Number of grants 5
Total funding $423,671

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20174 grants / $368,011

Mentoring women from regional Australia to realise their educational and career aspirations in business and law$163,511

Funding body: Department of Education and Training

Funding body Department of Education and Training
Project Team Professor Johanna Macneil, Ms Kate Ramzan, Associate Professor Tamara Young, Professor Lisa Toohey, Doctor Paul Stolk, Ms Sher Campbell
Scheme Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme (HEPPP)
Role Investigator
Funding Start 2017
Funding Finish 2017
GNo G1601087
Type Of Funding C2110 - Aust Commonwealth - Own Purpose
Category 2110

The AVO App: Bernie$150,000

The AVO App© : 'Bernie'$150,000

The AVO App© : 'Bernie'

In light of the grim statistics on relational and family violence worldwide, a passion for alleviating childhood trauma often perpetrated through transgenerational violence has brought a collaboration between myself and colleagues in the Law School.  Lynne McCormack, UON and Colin James, ANU and I have joined forces supported by local lawyers in an attempt to evolve ways of assisting individuals and families in the aftermath of domestic violence.  Our project has been accepted for a Finance, Services and Innovation NSW Government grant.  This exciting project will cross pollinate with business and technology as we develop a psych-wellbeing phone APP for re-offenders of domestic violence introduced at the crucial stage between being charged and court appearance.  

[1] The name and work described here is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Colin James, Lynne McCormack and Sher Campbell.

Funding body: Services, Finance and Innovation

Funding body Services, Finance and Innovation
Project Team

Sher Campbell, Dr Colin James and Dr Lynne McCormack

Scheme Services, Finance and Innovation NSW
Role Investigator
Funding Start 2017
Funding Finish 2017
Type Of Funding Other Public Sector - State
Category 2OPS

Australian Government Student Mobility Project$33,000

Clinical Legal Education in Myanmar 

Funding body: New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Project, Australian Government

Funding body New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Project, Australian Government
Project Team

Sher Campbell

Scheme New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Project, Australian Government
Role Lead
Funding Start 2017
Funding Finish 2018
Type Of Funding C2120 - Aust Commonwealth - Other
Category 2120

Endeavour Mobility Program in Kenya$21,500

This program provided international mobility scholarships provided 10 undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business and Law with an opportunity to participate in a short-term cultural immersion experience in Kenya. The project provides students with an awareness and understanding of cultural diversity; insight into the complexities of diplomacy, governance, and industry in a developing country context.  This project works to foster a deeper understanding of Kenyan culture from an industry perspective as well as insight into the dynamics and challenges of both the legal and business environments. The project fulfils degree requirements for the BBus, BCom and BLaw. Apart from increasing the number of students graduating with international mobility experience, the project evidences an ongoing effort to strengthen relations between the Faculty and Moi University.

Funding body: Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade

Funding body: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia

Funding body Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia
Project Team

Dr Patricia Johnson

Scheme Direct Aid Project
Role Investigator
Funding Start 2017
Funding Finish 2018
Type Of Funding C2120 - Aust Commonwealth - Other
Category 2120

20151 grants / $55,660

Wiser Women: Educational Aspirations and Participation of Indigenous Women of Reproductive Age in Regional, Rural and Remote Communities$55,660

Funding body: Leslie Family Foundation

Funding body Leslie Family Foundation
Project Team Associate Professor Kym Rae, Professor Peter Radoll, Associate Professor Maree Gruppetta, Associate Professor Seamus Fagan, Ms Sher Campbell, Professor Penny Jane Burke
Scheme Research Project
Role Investigator
Funding Start 2015
Funding Finish 2015
GNo G1501246
Type Of Funding C3200 – Aust Not-for Profit
Category 3200


AVO app ‘Bernie’ to help address domestic violence reoffending

November 28, 2017

Researchers have created a mobile phone application named Bernie to support defendants of ADVOs, acting as an early-intervention tool to support better outcomes

Ms Sher Campbell


Honorary Lecturer
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