Miss Kristine Deroover

Miss Kristine Deroover

Research Assistant

School of Medicine and Public Health

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Kristine’s current research is situated at the intersection of the fields of nutrition, consumer behaviour, and the learning sciences. The project aims to develop an understanding of the way people deal with conflicting information on health and nutrition, and to explore the potential of an educational activity in order to support people in navigating conflict for sustainable decision-making. Kristine holds a MSc in Health Education and Promotion from Maastricht University in The Netherlands and a Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. She is interested in research on health and nutrition literacy, food and consumer behaviour, and the link between health and environmentally sustainable behaviours.


  • Conflicting health information
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Epistemic beliefs
  • Food choice
  • Health behaviour change
  • Health education
  • Health literacy
  • Health promotion
  • Information literacy
  • Media literacy
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Science literacy
  • Wine


  • English (Fluent)
  • Dutch (Mother)


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Chapter (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2019 Bucher T, Deroover K, Stockley C, 'Production and Marketing of Low-Alcohol Wine', Advances in Grape and Wine Biotechnology, IntechOpen, London, UK 1-16 (2019) [B1]
DOI 10.5772/intechopen.87025
Co-authors Tamara Bucher

Journal article (4 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2021 Deroover K, Siegrist M, Brain K, McIntyre J, Bucher T, 'A scoping review on consumer behaviour related to wine and health', Trends in Food Science & Technology, 112 559-580 (2021) [C1]
DOI 10.1016/j.tifs.2021.03.057
Co-authors Julie Mcintyre, Tamara Bucher, Katherine Brain
2020 Bucher T, Frey E, Wilczynska M, Deroover K, Dohle S, 'Consumer perception and behaviour related to low-alcohol wine: Do people overcompensate?', Public Health Nutrition, 23 1939-1947 (2020) [C1]
DOI 10.1017/S1368980019005238
Citations Scopus - 2
Co-authors Tamara Bucher, Magdalena Wilczynska
2020 Deroover K, Bucher T, Vandelanotte C, de Vries H, Duncan M, 'Practical nutrition knowledge mediates the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics and diet quality in adults: A cross-sectional analysis.', American Journal of Health Promotion, 34 59-62 (2020) [C1]
DOI 10.1177/0890117119878074
Citations Scopus - 8Web of Science - 8
Co-authors Tamara Bucher, Mitch Duncan
2018 Bucher T, Deroover K, Stockley C, 'Low-Alcohol Wine: A Narrative Review on Consumer Perception and Behaviour', Beverages, 4 (2018) [C1]
DOI 10.3390/beverages4040082
Citations Scopus - 14Web of Science - 12
Co-authors Tamara Bucher
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Conference (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2019 Bucher T, Deroover K, Stockley C, 'Low alcohol wine - Is it a thing? A narrative review on consumer perception and behaviour', Prague (2019)
Co-authors Tamara Bucher

Miss Kristine Deroover


Research Assistant
School of Medicine and Public Health
College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing

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