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Emeritus Professor Gordon Boyce

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College of Human and Social Futures (International Business)

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My research record shows gradual attainment of a position as a recognised authority on institutional and organisational performance in an international context, with specific reference to systems that support organisational decision-making, negotiating, and inter-firm learning. The output consists of six books (with another in preparation), and numerous refereed journal articles, book chapters, reviews and entries to encyclopedias, and international reference works. I serve eight international academic societies/editorial boards and am called upon frequently to referee submissions. I have examined a number of PhD thesis in my field of expertise. I have won the Cass Prize, British Commission for Maritime history Prize, the Duke University/J. Walter Thompson Fellowship, and the Caird Fellowship - all are awarded through an internationally competitive process. I am part of the Rail CRC which won major funding ($60m) and have an ARC Discovery Grant application (with Dr. Paul Barnes) outstanding.

Research Expertise
My research addresses a series of inter-related themes surrounding information theory and the economics of information. These include how organisations develop systems to support decision-making, negotiating, and inter-firm learning processes. The work uses archival sources relevant to international business and international business history. It generates insights by using grounded theory to inform and extend bodies of theory that have been developed by intuition or empirical methods.

Teaching Expertise
My expertise lies in comparative international business and international business history.

Administrative Expertise
I have served as Head of School (QUT), Assistant Dean Research, and Director of a research institute. Also, I have served extensively on Faculty committees and as a member of Dean's Advisory/Faculty Executive Committees.

Institutional economics; communications theory and systems theory; inter-firm cooperation in international business; anticipatory risk management, transport and the economics of information and knowledge.


  • PhD, University of London
  • Bachelor of History, Brock University
  • Master of Arts, University of Keele - UK


  • economics of information and knowledge
  • international business
  • international business history
  • international institutions


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Book (7 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2012 Boyce GH, Boyce g, Boyce Gordon, The Growth and dissolution of a large-scale business enterprise: the Furness interest, 1892 -1919, International Maritime Economic History Association, Newfoundland, 402 (2012) [A2]
2006 Boyce G, How Organisations Connect: investing in communication, Melbourne University Publishing (2006) [A3]
2005 Boyce G, Over Half a Million Careful Owners: A 75 Year history of PSIS 1928-2003, Dunmore Publishing, Wellington, New Zealand, 326 (2005) [A1]
2002 Boyce G, Ville S, The Development of Modern Business, Palgrave Macmillan, 464 (2002) [A1]
2002 Boyce G, Resources and Infrastructures in the Maritime Economy, International Maritime Economics History Association (2002) [A3]
2001 Boyce GH, Co-operative Structures in Global Business: Communicating, Transferring Knowledge, and Learning across the Corporate Frontier, Routledge, 272 (2001) [A1]
1995 Boyce G, Information, Mediation and Institutional Development, Manchester University Press, 368 (1995) [A1]
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Chapter (8 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2015 Boyce G, 'Maritime Networks, History of', International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences: Second Edition 525-532 (2015)

This article examines the dynamics and forms of networks used in world shipping from the sixteenth century to the present day. It begins with a theoretical exposition of network s... [more]

This article examines the dynamics and forms of networks used in world shipping from the sixteenth century to the present day. It begins with a theoretical exposition of network structures, ethical standards, and internal functions in order to develop a basis for analyzing how these cooperative constructs were employed by British, European, American, and Japanese shipping enterprises. The article also explores the impact of technical and legal changes, especially the recent introduction of containerization, new shipbuilding methods, logistics, and computerization.

DOI 10.1016/B978-0-08-097086-8.62149-9
2012 Boyce GH, 'The development of commercial infrastructure for world shipping', The World's Key Industry: History and Economics of International Shipping, Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire 106-123 (2012) [B1]
DOI 10.1057/9781137003751
Citations Scopus - 3
2008 Boyce GH, 'Risky business: Sequential contracting and relationship building in Australian mining joint ventures', Innovation in Management Practices, Macmillan Publishers India, New Delhi, India 172-193 (2008) [B1]
2008 Boyce GH, 'Network structures, processes and dynamics: Inter-firm cooperative frameworks in the shipping industry', International Merchant Shipping in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: The Comparative Dimension, International Maritime Economic History Association, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada 165-178 (2008) [B1]
2007 Boyce GH, 'The professions as systems that support transactions involving knowledge: Their contribution to economic development and their response to the growth of global markets', Institutions and Market Economies: The Political Economy of Growth and Development, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke 305-321 (2007) [B1]
2007 Boyce G, 'The Professions, Economic Development and the Growth of Global Markets', Institutions and market economies : the political economy of growth and development, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, United Kingdom 305-321 (2007) [B1]
2006 Boyce G, 'Networks, Tacit Knowledge and Innovation', Globalization and Partnerships: Features of business alliances and international cooperation, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, New York, United States of America 47-59 (2006) [B1]
2002 Boyce G, 'Networks', Encyclopedia of Maritime History, Oxford University Press, Unknown, Unknown (2002) [B1]
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Journal article (15 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2015 Boyce G, 'Building Co-operation: A Business History of the Co-operative Group, 1863-2013', AUSTRALIAN ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW, 55 95-97 (2015) [C3]
DOI 10.1111/aehr.12060
2012 Boyce G, 'From Ship 's Cook to Baronet: Sir William Reardon Smith's Life in Shipping 1856-1935', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARITIME HISTORY, 24 459-461 (2012)
2012 Boyce GH, 'Tungsten in peace and war, 1918-1946 [Book Review]', Journal of Australasian Mining History, 10 170-171 (2012) [C3]
2011 Boyce GH, 'Edward Bates and Sons, 1897-1915: Tramping operations in recession and recovery', International Journal of Maritime History, 23 13-50 (2011) [C1]
DOI 10.1177/084387141102300104
Citations Web of Science - 2
2010 Boyce GH, 'Language and culture in a Liverpool Merchant Family Firm, 1870-1950', Business History Review, 84 1-26 (2010) [C1]
Citations Scopus - 18Web of Science - 14
2010 Boyce GH, 'The international tin cartel', The international tin cartel, 8 186-188 (2010) [C3]
2009 Boyce GH, 'The internationalisation strategies of small-country firms: The Australian experience of globalisation', Australian Economic History Review, 49 214-215 (2009) [C3]
DOI 10.1111/j.1467-8446.2009.00257.x
2008 Boyce GH, 'Stephen Broadberry. Market services and the productivity race, 1850-2000: British performance in international perspective [book review]', Enterprise & Society, 9 213-215 (2008) [C3]
DOI 10.1093/es/khn007
2008 Boyce GH, 'Gunpowder, explosives, and the state: A technological history', Australian Economic History Review, 48 196-197 (2008) [C3]
DOI 10.111/j.1467-8446.2008.00236.x
2008 Boyce GH, 'Learning from the past: The distress and resuscitation of PSIS, 1979-2003', Journal of Co-Operative Studies, 41 31-42 (2008) [C1]
2007 Boyce GH, 'Innovation plus independence: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, 1973-2002 (Book review)', Business History Review, 81 204-206 (2007) [C3]
2003 Boyce G, 'Network knowledge and Network Routines: Negotiating Activities between Shipowners and Shipbuilder', Business History, 45 52-76 (2003) [C1]
DOI 10.1080/713999312
2002 Boyce G, Lepper LJ, 'Assessing Information Quality Theories', Business History, 44 85-120 (2002) [C1]
2001 Boyce G, 'Transferring Capabilities across Sectoral Frontiers: Shipowners entering the Airline Business', International Journal of Maritime History, XIII 1-43 (2001) [C1]
2001 Boyce G, 'Multi-lateral Contracting in Australian Mining: Hamersley Iron 1961-65', Enterprise & Society, 2 543-575 (2001) [C1]
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Review (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2007 Boyce G, 'The Joint Stock Company', International encyclopedia of organization studies (2007) [D2]

Conference (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2009 Boyce GH, Nicholas SJ, 'On dignity', CIOS: Centre for Institutional and Organisational Studies Inaugural Conference Abstracts, Newcastle, NSW (2009) [E3]
Co-authors Stephen Nicholas
2009 Maitland E, Nicholas SJ, Boyce GH, 'The economics of governance: Transaction cost economics and new institutional economics', Symposium on the Multiple Facets of Governance. Symposium Program, Newcastle, NSW (2009) [E2]
Co-authors Stephen Nicholas

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Failures to Complete Systems$7,500

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Funding body University of Newcastle
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2011 PhD Chinese Perceptions of Guanxi in Mainland and Overseas Chinese Business Communities PhD (Management), College of Human and Social Futures, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor

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