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Science and Technology 13 min read

How two satellites packing lasers and microwaves are helping us predict floods

by Joe Frost

Using satellites, lasers and microwaves, Professor Shin-Chan Han is working with some of the most accurate measurements of gravity humankind has ever recorded. But while these instruments are hundreds of kilometres above our heads in space, their applications could change the way we prepare ourselves for flooding here on Earth.

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The surprising new role power plants will have in our green energy future
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Environment 9 min read

The surprising new role power plants will have in our green energy future

by Joe Frost

One of Australia’s oldest energy hubs, the Hunter Valley is approaching an uncertain future as the world's carbon crisis reaches a crescendo. But a company that has spun off from research done at the University of Newcastle is showing there is new life to be found in our old systems and infrastructure – and could see the region become a world-leader in clean, green power.