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Ms Joyce Cooper


School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy (Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology)

Career Summary


  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy), University of Sunderland - United Kingdom
  • Graduate Certificate Practice of Tertiary Teaching, University of Newcastle


  • Serotonin toxicity
  • clinical pharmacy
  • dispensing
  • nurse practitioner
  • pharmacy practice
  • population PK-PD modelling
  • prescribing
  • simulation
  • teaching & learning
  • toxicology

Fields of Research

080110Simulation and Modelling20
111503Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice50
111506Toxicology (incl. Clinical Toxicology)30

Professional Experience

UON Appointment

DatesTitleOrganisation / Department
1/01/2014 - LecturerUniversity of Newcastle
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
17/02/2012 - 17/02/2012Viva ExaminerUniversity of Newcastle
School of Nursing and Midwifery


DatesTitleOrganisation / Department
1/01/2013 - Membership - The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great BritainThe Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
1/01/2005 - Membership - The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of AustraliaThe Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
1/01/1989 - Membership - AHPRAAHPRA


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

Journal article (6 outputs)

2015Cooper JM, Duffull SB, Saiao AS, Isbister GK, 'The pharmacokinetics of sertraline in overdose and the effect of activated charcoal', BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, 79 307-315 (2015)
DOI10.1111/bcp.12500Author URL
Co-authorsGeoff Isbister
2014Cooper J, Garrett T, 'Providing medicines information and education to hospital in-patients: patients¿ experiences and preferences', Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research, 44 213-219 (2014) [C1]
2014Cooper JM, Newby DA, Whyte IM, Carter G, Jones AL, Isbister GK, 'Serotonin toxicity from antidepressant overdose and its association with the T102C polymorphism of the 5-HT receptor', Pharmacogenomics J, (2014) [C1]
CitationsScopus - 1
Co-authorsDavid Newby, Geoff Isbister, Gregory Carter
2014Cooper J, Hookham G, Nesbitt KV, Rasiah RL, 'Developing a Virtual Tour of a Community Pharmacy for use in Education', IT in Industry, 2 33-37 (2014) [C1]
Co-authorsKeith Nesbitt, Rohan Rasiah
2011Gilligan C, Outram S, Rasiah RL, Cooper J, 'Exploring the attitudes of pharmacy students to clinical communications training', Focus on Health Professional Education, 13 25-36 (2011) [C1]
Co-authorsSue Outram, Rohan Rasiah, Conor Gilligan
2009Cooper J, Jones AL, 'Neuroleptic malignant syndrome or a statin drug reaction? A case report', Clinical Neuropharmacology, 32 348-349 (2009) [C3]
CitationsScopus - 3Web of Science - 4
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Conference (9 outputs)

2015Hookham G, Nesbitt K, Cooper J, Croft H, Rasiah R, 'Gamification for education: Designing a pharmacy education game', Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) (2015)
Co-authorsKeith Nesbitt
2014Cooper J, Duffull SB, Saiao AS, Isbister GK, 'The effect of single-dose activated charcoal following sertraline overdose', The 40th SHPA National Conference: Book of Abstracts, Darwin (2014) [E3]
Co-authorsGeoff Isbister
2014Croft H, Rasiah R, Cooper J, Nesbitt K, 'Comparing Animation with Video For Teaching Communication Skills', Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Interactive Entertainment, Newcastle, NSW (2014) [E1]
Co-authorsRohan Rasiah, Keith Nesbitt
2014Hookham G, Cooper J, Rasiah R, Croft H, Nesbitt K, 'Efficacy and Usability in the Design of a Pharmacy Education Game', ENTERTAINMENT COMPUTING - ICEC 2014, Sydney, AUSTRALIA (2014) [E3]
Author URL
Co-authorsKeith Nesbitt, Rohan Rasiah
2013Cooper JM, 'Personalised Medicine: Predicting Serotonin Toxicity from Pharmacogenetic Studies', Final program and conference proceedings, Cairns, Qld. (2013) [E3]
2012Cooper J, Garrett T, 'Providing medicines information - The experience of hospital patients', Final Program and Abstract Book. National Medicines Symposium 2012, Sydney, NSW (2012) [E3]
2010Cooper J, Gilligan C, Outram S, Rasiah RL, 'Communication skills training in health programs at the University of Newcastle, Australia', International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2010, Verona, Italy (2010) [E3]
Co-authorsConor Gilligan, Sue Outram, Rohan Rasiah
2009Cooper J, Jones AL, 'Antipsychotic induced neuroleptic malignant syndrome: Or a simple drug interaction?', Across the Divide: Medicines Management 2009, The 35th SHPA National Conference: Abstracts, Posters, Perth, WA (2009) [E3]
2008Cooper J, Pillay RD, Fung NK, Barry DA, Schwagger M, Inglis D, 'Getting to the bottom of it: Give a laxative with the opioid!', Medicines Management 2008: The 34th SHPA National Conference: Conference Handbook, Adelaide, SA (2008) [E3]
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Creative Work (1 outputs)

2013Croft H, Nesbitt KV, Rasiah R, Cooper J, Arrighi G, Joyce B, McGuire B, Communication Scenario: Over the Counter Dispensing of the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (Video and Animation - in 3 parts), Newcastle, NSW, Australia (2013) [J2]
Co-authorsRohan Rasiah, Gillian Arrighi, Keith Nesbitt

Other (1 outputs)

2014Cooper JM, Duffull SB, Saiao AS, Isbister GK, 'The effect of activated charcoal on the pharmacokinetics of sertraline in overdose', ( pp.1): Conference Proceedings (2014) [O1]

Grants and Funding


Number of grants3
Total funding$14,169

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20122 grants / $13,399

Evidence-based community pharmacy practice: the use of evidence in selecting over-the-counter medicines$12,264

Funding body: Pharmacy Research Trust of NSW

Funding bodyPharmacy Research Trust of NSW
Project TeamAssociate Professor David Newby, Ms Joyce Cooper, Doctor Jane Robertson, Ms Yee Ching Ng, Mr Marc Bevan
SchemeResearch Grant
Funding Start2012
Funding Finish2012
Type Of FundingGrant - Aust Non Government

National medicines Symposium, Sydney, 24 - 25 May 2012$1,135

Funding body: University of Newcastle - Faculty of Health and Medicine

Funding bodyUniversity of Newcastle - Faculty of Health and Medicine
Project TeamMs Joyce Cooper
SchemeTravel Grant
Funding Start2012
Funding Finish2012
Type Of FundingInternal

20081 grants / $770

Medicines Management 2008 - SHPA (Society of hospital pharmacists of Australia) National Conference, Adelaide Convention Centre, 4/9/2008 - 6/9/2008$770

Funding body: University of Newcastle

Funding bodyUniversity of Newcastle
Project TeamMs Joyce Cooper
SchemeTravel Grant
Funding Start2008
Funding Finish2008
Type Of FundingInternal

Ms Joyce Cooper


School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
Faculty of Health and Medicine

Focus area

Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology

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