Non-AQF Compliant Programs and Courses Policy

Document Number000985
Date Approved25 July 2012

Date of Commencement:       1 January 2013


1.        Introduction

This policy was developed by the AQF Project Group to assist compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework (2011) as described in Chapter 4, Section 2, Clause 1.2.

2.        Policy Scope

This will apply to all programs offered by the University of Newcastle.

3.        Policy Intent

To define the circumstances when non-AQF compliant programs will be offered by the University of Newcastle.

4.        Relevant Definitions

In the context of this document:

program means a program of study approved by Academic Senate that leads to an award of the University or to a University entry qualification.

5.        Principles

5.1.          All non-AQF compliant programs offered by the University of Newcastle must satisfy the following criteria:

      5.1.1.  A demonstrable industry, professional, community or student need;

      5.1.2.  A sound educational rationale as the basis for offering the program;

      5.1.3.  Comparability with AQF qualifications. This will be achieved by describing the program requirements using the AQF taxonomy of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills, application of knowledge and skills and generic learning outcomes); and

      5.1.4.  An appropriate title that does not use nomenclature which is already used for an award leading to an AQF qualification.

5.2.          Credit may be granted towards an AQF compliant program on the basis of non-AQF compliant courses and modules (e.g. a series of linked modules completed as professional development training within an approved period) with demonstrated comparable and equivalent:

  • learning outcomes;
  • volume of learning;
  • content; and
  • learning and assessment approaches.

6.        Essential Supporting Documents

Higher Education Standards Framework (2011)

7.        Related Documents


Approval AuthorityAcademic Senate
Date Approved25 July 2012
Date for Review25 July 2013
Policy SponsorPresident of Academic Senate
Policy OwnerAcademic Senate
Policy ContactPresident of Academic Senate
Amendment History

Approved by President of Academic Senate under delegated authority on 25 July 2012 (Res AS12:066; Doc AQFPG12:023c) for implementation from 1 January 2013.