Motor Vehicle Entry Fees and Infringement Penalties Schedule

Document Number000827
Date Approved30 November 2007
Date Last Amended23 November 2012



Schedule 1 - Motor Vehicle Entry Fees (1) and Infringement Penalties

Callaghan Campus and CBD Campus


                        Annual                                     -  $385.00

                        Half Year                                 -  $192.50

                        Fortnightly payroll deduction   -  $ 14.81


                        Annual                                     -  $881.20

                        Fortnightly payroll deduction   -  $ 33.89


                        Annual                                     -  $148.40

                        Half Year                                 -  $  74.20


                       Annual                                     -  $148.40

                       Half Year                                 -  $  74.20

Daily (2)

                       General Area Parking Only

                       from machine - cash                -   $4.20 

                       from machine - credit card       -   $4.45


1.   Fees are inclusive of GST.

2.  “Scratch and Display” one-day permits are available from the University Cashiers in Student Services Building.

Infringement penalties

Penalties apply for parking in an area not identified as a parking bay, in a restricted parking area or parking contrary to directions marked on a parking bay or on a sign displayed upon or near a parking bay.  The penalty will be the amount as prescribed in relevant Road Transport legislation from time-to-time.

Essential Supporting Documents

Motor Vehicle Entry Fee Policy 000239

Approval AuthorityCouncil
Date Approved30 November 2007
Date Last Amended23 November 2012
Date for Review30 November 2013
Policy SponsorVice-Chancellor
Policy OwnerDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Services)
Policy ContactDirector, Facilities Management
Amendment History

Updated for 2013 fees in line with CPI increases, approved, Vice-Chancellor, 23 November 2012. Also removal of half yearly reserved fee as not offered; removal of Forum fee as issued by the Forum; addition of note that fees are inclusive of GST; update to existing note about availability of Scratch and Display permits, Governance and Policy - 4 December 2012

Minor amendment - updated date for review, Governance and Policy 9 July 2012

Half Year Residential fee approved DVC(S) 21 November 2011

Updated for 2012 fees in line with CPI increases, approved Vice-Chancellor 8 November 2011

Revision approved Council 27 November 2009

Revision approved Council 28 November 2008

Revision approved Council 30 November 2007 (C07:179). Council also resolved to ii) delegate authority to the Vice-Chancellor to:

· approve annual increases in parking fees by up to a maximum of the annual CPI increase; and

· amend the pricing of infringement penalties in accordance with variations in the relevant Road Transport Legislation that occur from time-to-time.