Offshore Learning Support Arrangements Guideline

Document Number000632
Date Approved13 October 2004

This policy applies from 1 January, 2005

The following checklist of questions should be discussed between the Program Convenors and the Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, in order to ensure the students are supported in a similar way to students studying face-to-face on-campus in Australia.

  1. What print and electronic collections are currently available for off shore students including access to local collections?
  2. What resources are required locally which are not currently available?
  3. What agreements are in place with local educational institutions that provide library access and borrowing privileges for students? What are the institutions?
  4. What basic level of access to computers facilities and ISP/ internet access are students required to have?
  5. Are there dedicated study or groupwork areas for off shore students?
  6. What provision has been made for students to gain access to required software packages?
  7. How will students receive information literacy training and support?
  8. Will students require access to Short Loans Online and electronic databases (subject to commercial agreements) through the University of Newcastle Library?
  9. What requirements are there for academic staff to have access to, and training in the use of, electronic information resources?
Approval AuthorityAcademic Senate
Date Approved13 October 2004
Policy SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Policy OwnerDirector, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Policy ContactDirector, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Amendment History

Minor amendment - Change of Policy Sponsor to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to reflect structural changes from 1 January 2013, The Secretariat, 13 May 2013.

Nomenclature updated January 2008