Ms Nienke de Vlieger

Ms Nienke de Vlieger

Research student

Career Summary


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Nienke de Vlieger started university at the Roosevelt University College in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Here, she pursuit multiple interests and majored in Psychology, while minoring in Ecology and Anthropology. Even though she had opportunities to continue her education in any of these fields, it was nutrition that had grabbed her attention throughout her Bachelor years. Nutrition and diet had developed from a merely personal interest to a longing for a deeper nutritional understanding and ambition to commit herself to the fight against overweight and obesity. She therefore completed the 2-year Master Nutrition & Health at the highly regarded Wageningen University in the Netherlands. A 4-month internship at the University of Newcastle in Australia introduced her to the world of research and particularly education as a way of health interventions. It was not long until she returned to Newcastle to start a PhD focussed on nutrition education for children. She has since published a paper on her Master internship research and has co-authored several other papers in the field of nutrition. She is scheduled to finish her PhD in 2019. 


  • nudging
  • nutrition
  • nutrition education
  • portion size
  • portion size measuring aids


  • English (Fluent)
  • Dutch (Mother)
  • German (Working)


Kids’ input needed for nutrition lesson plans

March 29, 2018

Healthy eating is already embedded in many schools: from healthy canteens to the Crunch & Sip program. However, can kids learn more about the importance of good food for their health in the classroom?

Ms Nienke de Vlieger

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