Ms Natasha Harding

Ms Natasha Harding

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Natasha has a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology), a Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion, and is undertaking a Ph.D. through the University of Newcastle. Her research uses qualitative methods (interpretative phenomenological analysis, IPA) to explore societal attitudes towards refugees and the impact of these on the mental health and wellbeing of young people with a background of forced displacement. Specifically, she is interested in the mental health impacts of societal attitudes towards refugees as depicted in media, social media and political commentary. Natasha has a strong background working in the community mental health sector and more recently in public sector mental health services as well as independent consulting.


  • behavioural science
  • community mental health
  • displacement
  • mental health
  • mental health programs
  • mental health services
  • policy development
  • program evaluation
  • psychology
  • public health
  • social psychology
  • wellbeing


  • English (Mother)

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
520505 Social psychology 30
420699 Public health not elsewhere classified 70


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Journal article (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
Harding N, McCormack L, Fitzpatrick S, 'Mental Health and Wellbeing Impacts of Societal Attitudes Towards Forcibly Displaced Young People', Social Science Protocols, 4 1-10
DOI 10.7565/ssp.v4.5481
Co-authors Lynne Mccormack

Ms Natasha Harding

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