Dr Livia Salvati Manni

Dr Livia Salvati Manni

Honorary Lecturer

School of Environmental and Life Sciences

Career Summary


I began my studies in organic chemistry at La Sapienza in Rome, where I did my bachelor thesis in synthetic organic chemistry, and my Master's thesis on the synthesis and characterization of surfactants for transfer of chirality studies, as well as for the functionalization of liposomes. From these initial experiences, I developed an interest in lipidic "membrane like" materials for specific applications.

Subsequently, I did my PhD in organic chemistry in the group of Prof Ehud Landau and Prof Jay Siegel at the University of Zurich. I designed and studied novel lipidic cubic systems: from the synthesis of lipids, characterization of temperature dependent lipid self-assembly and application of these nanostructured matrices for the crystallization of membrane proteins.  

As natural continuation of my PhD, I did a postdoc in ETH Zurich in the group of Prof Raffaele Mezzenga, where I focused my attention on the behavior of water in restricted geometries,   with particular attention on the structure and the dynamic of water at sub-zero temperature in superconfined lipidic mesophases. 

In September 2017 I moved to Australia and joined the group of Prof Gregory Warr at The University of Sydney, where I develop my interest in the behavior of lipidic bilayers in ionic liquids and neutron scattering techniques. 

I am currently a Swiss National Foundation of Science postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sydney. My research is carried out between the School of Chemistry and the School of Medical Sciences in the group of Prof Renae Ryan. My main interest is the study of lipids and water dynamics in highly confined lipidic liquid crystals and their interaction with membrane proteins.

In the last years I developed several project in collaboration with ANSTO and in 2020 I was awarded an AINSE ECR fellowship to pursue my research on the interaction of lipidic bilayers with membrane proteins employing neutron scattering. 

Part of my research is carried out in The University of Newcastle where I am currently an Honorary Lecturer. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Zurich - Switzerland


  • lipid self assembly
  • lipid synthesis
  • lipidic cubic phases
  • lipids
  • membrane proteins
  • neutron scattering
  • x-ray scattering

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
320504 Medical biochemistry - lipids 30
320506 Medical biochemistry - proteins and peptides (incl. medical proteomics) 30
340603 Colloid and surface chemistry 40

Professional Experience

UON Appointment

Title Organisation / Department
Postdoctoral Researcher University of Newcastle
School of Environmental and Life Sciences
Casual Academic University of Newcastle
School of Environmental and Life Sciences

Academic appointment

Dates Title Organisation / Department
1/1/2021 - 30/6/2022 Postdoctoral Fellow The University of Sydney
1/6/2017 - 31/8/2019 Postdoctoral Researcher ETH Zürich


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

Journal article (12 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2021 Niederberger A, Pelras T, Manni LS, FitzGerald PA, Warr GG, Müllner M, 'Stiffness-Dependent Intracellular Location of Cylindrical Polymer Brushes', Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 42 (2021)

Cylindrical polymer brushes (CPBs) are macromolecules with nanoparticle proportions. Their modular synthesis enables tailoring of their chemical composition as well as the dialing... [more]

Cylindrical polymer brushes (CPBs) are macromolecules with nanoparticle proportions. Their modular synthesis enables tailoring of their chemical composition as well as the dialing-up of overall dimensions and physicochemical properties. In this study, two rod-like poly[(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate] (PEGMA)-based CPBs with varying stiffness but otherwise comparable features and functionality, are synthesized. Differences in particle stiffness are assessed using small angle neutron scattering (SANS). It is observed that the fate of the two CPBs within cells is distinctly different. Stiffer CPBs seem to gravitate toward the mitochondria, whereas CPBs with reduced stiffness are present in different intracellular vesicles.

DOI 10.1002/marc.202100138
2021 Manni LS, Duss M, Assenza S, Boyd BJ, Landau EM, Fong W-K, 'Enzymatic hydrolysis of monoacylglycerols and their cyclopropanated derivatives: Molecular structure and nanostructure determine the rate of digestion', JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 588 767-775 (2021) [C1]
DOI 10.1016/j.jcis.2020.11.110
Citations Scopus - 1Web of Science - 1
Co-authors Khay Fong
2020 Salvati Manni L, Fong W-K, Mezzenga R, 'Lipid-based mesophases as matrices for nanoscale reactions.', Nanoscale Horizons, 5 914-927 (2020) [C1]
DOI 10.1039/d0nh00079e
Citations Scopus - 3Web of Science - 3
Co-authors Khay Fong
2019 Duss M, Vallooran JJ, Manni LS, Kieliger N, Handschin S, Mezzenga R, et al., 'Lipidic Mesophase-Embedded Palladium Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Tunable Catalysts in Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions', LANGMUIR, 35 120-127 (2019)
DOI 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b02905
Citations Scopus - 10Web of Science - 9
2019 Manni LS, Assenza S, Duss M, Vallooran JJ, Juranyi F, Jurt S, et al., 'Soft biomimetic nanoconfinement promotes amorphous water over ice', NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 14 609-+ (2019)
DOI 10.1038/s41565-019-0415-0
Citations Scopus - 16Web of Science - 16
2018 Duss M, Manni LS, Moser L, Handschin S, Mezzenga R, Jessen HJ, Landau EM, 'Lipidic Mesophases as Novel Nanoreactor Scaffolds for Organocatalysts: Heterogeneously Catalyzed Asymmetric Aldol Reactions in Confined Water', ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 10 5114-5124 (2018)
DOI 10.1021/acsami.7b19740
Citations Scopus - 25Web of Science - 26
2017 Manni LS, Aleandri S, Landau EM, 'Principles and Applications of Functional Lipidic Biomaterials in Molecular Recognition, Membrane Protein Crystallization and Drug Delivery', BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 112 591A-591A (2017)
2016 Osornio YM, Manni LS, Aleandri S, Landau E, 'Designed Functional Lipidic Biomaterials: Applications in Molecular Recognition, Drug Delivery and Membrane Protein Crystallization', BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 110 41A-41A (2016)
DOI 10.1016/j.bpj.2015.11.287
Citations Web of Science - 2
2016 Speziale C, Manni LS, Manatschal C, Landau EM, Mezzenga R, 'A macroscopic H+ and Cl- ions pump via reconstitution of EcClC membrane proteins in lipidic cubic mesophases', PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 113 7491-7496 (2016)
DOI 10.1073/pnas.1603965113
Citations Scopus - 17Web of Science - 15
2015 Manni LS, Zabara A, Osornio YM, Schoeppe J, Batyuk A, Plueckthun A, et al., 'Phase Behavior of a Designed Cyclopropyl Analogue of Monoolein: Implications for Low-Temperature Membrane Protein Crystallization', ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 54 1027-1031 (2015)
DOI 10.1002/anie.201409791
Citations Scopus - 22Web of Science - 21
2014 Mauceri A, Borocci S, Galantini L, Giansanti L, Mancini G, Martino A, et al., 'Recognition of Concanavalin A by Cationic Glucosylated Liposomes', LANGMUIR, 30 11301-11306 (2014)
DOI 10.1021/la502946t
Citations Scopus - 18Web of Science - 18
2011 Righi G, Manni LS, Bovicelli P, Pelagalli R, 'A new, simple, and mild azidolysis of vinylepoxides', TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 52 3895-3896 (2011)
DOI 10.1016/j.tetlet.2011.05.085
Citations Scopus - 14Web of Science - 15
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Dr Livia Salvati Manni


Honorary Lecturer
School of Environmental and Life Sciences
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Postdoctoral Researcher
School of Environmental and Life Sciences
College of Engineering, Science and Environment

Casual Academic
School of Environmental and Life Sciences
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