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Professor Sandeep Gopalan is the Dean of the Newcastle Law School, University of Newcastle. Previously, he served for four years as the Head of the Department of Law at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Before moving to Ireland, he was an Associate Professor of Law for several years in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Prior to his academic career, he worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, and as a lawyer in California. Professor Gopalan graduated with a Gold Medal from the National Law School of India, and went up to Oxford (where he was a Rhodes Scholar) for his B.C.L., and D.Phil. degrees. He was appointed to the Arizona Aerospace and Defense Commission by the Governor of Arizona, and he served as Chairman during 2006-07. He has served as Co-Chairman of the American Bar Association (ABA) Aerospace and Defense Industries Committee, as Vice-Chairman of the ABA International Secured Transactions and Insolvency Law Committee, and as a Member of the ABA Commission on Immigration.

Professor Gopalan's research has been published by leading law journals in the United States. Some of his papers can be downloaded at He has published a number of opinion pieces in newspapers including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Australian, the Huffington Post, the Irish Times, and the Irish Independent. Gopalan has also appeared on a number of TV and radio shows as an expert commentator on a variety of legal issues.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Honours), National Law School of India


Research keywords

  • Transnational commercial law
  • commercial law
  • corporate governance
  • international law theory

Research expertise

Transnational commercial law, international law theory, corporate governance, commercial law


  • English
  • English

Fields of Research

150303Corporate Governance And Stakeholder Engagement40
180105Commercial And Contract Law30
180116International Law (Excl. International Trade Law)30


Teaching keywords

  • Contract Law
  • corporate governance
  • international law
  • transnational commercial law

Teaching expertise

Contract law, corporate governance, transnational commercial law, and international law



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Book (1 outputs)

2004Gopalan S, Transnational Commercial Law, Hein, New York City, USA, 341 (2004) [A1]

Chapter (1 outputs)

2012Gopalan S, 'Demandeur-Centricity in Transnational Commercial Law', Theory and Practice of Harmonisation, Elgar, Oslo, Norway 163-180 (2012) [B1]

Journal article (19 outputs)

2015Gopalan S, Hogan K, 'Ethical Transnational Activity at Home and Abroad: A Proposal for reforming US and Australian Continuous Disclosure Obligations', Columbia Human Rights Law Review, 46 1-70 (2015)
2015Gopalan S, Watson K, 'An Agency Theoretical Approach to Corporate Board Diversity', San Diego Law Review, 52 1-72 (2015)
2015Gopalan S, Kamalnath A, 'Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility as a Vehicle for Reducing Inequality: An Indian Solution for Piketty and the Millennials', Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy, 10 1-77 (2015)
2014Gopalan S, Bagaric M, 'Unshackling Society from the Burden of Imprisonment: Gps Technology and Offshore Prisons for a New Age', Stanford Journal of Criminal Law & Policy, 1-50 (2014)
2013Gopalan S, Fuller R, 'Enforcing international law: States, IOS, and courts as shaming reference groups', Brooklyn Journal of International Law, 39 73-158 (2013) [C1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Skilling's Martyrdom in The Case for Criminalization without Incarceration', University of San Francisco Law Review, 459-459 (2010) [C1]
2009Gopalan S, 'Opting Only in Contractarians, Waiver of Liability Provisions, and the Race to the Bottom', Indiana Law Review, 285-285 (2009) [C1]
2008Gopalan S, 'A Demandeur-Centric Theory of Regime Design in Transnational Commercial Law', Georgetown Journal of International Law, 327-381 (2008) [C1]
2007Gopalan S, 'Shame Sanctions and Excessive CEO Pay', Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, 757-797 (2007) [C1]
2007Gopalan S, 'Say on Pay, and the SEC Disclosure Rules: Expressive Law and CEO Compensation', Pepperdine Law Review, 207-246 (2007) [C1]
2007Gopalan S, 'From Darfur to Sinai to Kashmir: The Case for Legalization', Buffalo Law Review, 403-455 (2007) [C1]
2007Gopalan S, 'Alternative Sanctions in International Law: The case of Abu Ghraib', Michigan State Law Review, 785-839 (2007) [C1]
2007Gopalan S, 'Changing Social Norms on CEO Compensation: The Role of Norms Entrepreneurs', Rutgers Law Journal, 1-58 (2007) [C1]
2007Gopalan S, 'India-Pakistan Relations: A Case for Legalization', Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 687-726 (2007) [C1]
2004Gopalan S, 'The Creation of International Commercial Law: Sovereignty Felled?', San Diego International Law Journal, 267-322 (2004) [C1]
2004Gopalan S, 'New Trends in the Making of International Commercial Law', Journal of Law and Commerce, 117-168 (2004) [C1]
2003Gopalan S, 'The Harmonization of National Commercial Laws: Lessons from the Cape Town and Vienna Conventions', Law and Business Review of the Americas, 255-269 (2003) [C1]
2003Gopalan S, 'Transnational Commercial Law: The Way Forward', American University International Law Review, 803-849 (2003) [C1]
2003Gopalan S, 'Securing Mobile Assets: The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment', North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation, 59-82 (2003) [C1]
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Conference (40 outputs)

2013Gopalan S, 'Cape Town Convention and the Relationship with National Law: A Response to J Wool', Oxford Law Faculty in conjunction with University of Washington School of Law Cape Town Convention Academic Project - 2nd Conference, University of Oxford (2013) [E3]
2012Gopalan S, 'Regulating the Legal Profession', _, _ (2012) [E3]
2012Gopalan S, 'Should Corporate Fiduciaries Who Commit White Collar Crimes Be Imprisoned?', Should Corporate Fiduciaries Who Commit White Collar Crimes Be Imprisoned?, Bristol (2012) [E3]
2011Gopalan S, 'Law and Economics of regulating the Legal Profession', _, _ (2011) [E3]
2011Gopalan S, 'Law and Economics of White Collar Crime', _, Dublin (2011) [E3]
2010Gopalan S, 'Alternative Sanctions for Corporate Governance Offences', _, _ (2010) [E3]
2010Gopalan S, 'Shaming in International Law', _, King's College London (2010) [E3]
2010Gopalan S, 'Agency Costs in International Law', _, University of Cambridge (2010) [E3]
2010Gopalan S, 'An Agency Cost Theory of International Law', _, University of Oxford (2010) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Bush & Co: War Criminals?', _, London (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Enforcing Treble Damages Awards from U.S. Class Actions in the U.K.', _, University of Johannesburg (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'A Design Analysis of the Indo-U.S. Nuclear Cooperation Agreement', _, University of Reading (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Competing Visions of International Law', _, German Historical Institure (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Skilling's Martyrdom: Criminalization without Incarceration', _, Queen's University Belfast (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Prosecuting Bush & Co. for Torture', _, Trinity College (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Rational Choice in Transnational Commercial Law', _, Dehli (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Solving the Kashmir Dispute', _, Durham University (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Regulatory Responses to the Financial Crisis', _, University of Hull (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Litigation as a Corporate Governance Tool: Doomed to Failure?', _, University of Glasgow (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'A Social Norms Approach to Behaviour Modification', _, Illinois (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Shame Sanctions and Social Norms in International Law', _, Lisbon (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'The U.S. and EU as International Actors', _, Hull (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Social Norms in Markets', _, University of Oxford (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'The Draft EC Consumer Directive: A Behavioural Law and Economics Analysis', _, Manchester University (2009) [E3]
2009Gopalan S, 'Piracy: Is International Law Part of the Problem?', _, Gujarat National Law University (2009) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'Ethics and Norms in Foreign and Defence Policy, and Managing Europe's Borders', _, United Kingdom (2008) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'Demandeur-Centricity in Transnational Commercial Law', _, London (2008) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'Social Norms and Regulation: The Case of Coffee', _, University of Dundee (2008) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'India's Terrorism Laws: An Expressive Analysis', _, Aberystwyth University (2008) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'Discussant', _, Birkbeck College (2008) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'A Demandeur-centric Approach to Regime Design', _, University of Denver (2008) [E3]
2008Gopalan S, 'Alternative Sanctions in International Law: The case of Abu Ghraib', _, University of Denver (2008) [E3]
2007Gopalan S, 'White Collar Crime and the Problem of Criminalizing Agency Costs', _, _ (2007) [E1]
2007Gopalan S, 'Shaming in International Law', _, Arizona State University (2007) [E3]
2006Gopalan S, 'Regulatory Regimes for Nanotechnology', _, _ (2006) [E1]
2005Gopalan S, 'Teaching International Law', _, UNCTAD/WTO (2005) [E1]
2002Gopalan S, 'Harmonizing National Commercial Laws to Facilitate International Commerce: UNIDROIT Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment', _, Las Vegas (2002) [E1]
2002Gopalan S, 'Legal Responses to Internet Child Pornography: The Way Forward', _, USA (2002) [E1]
2002Gopalan S, 'The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment as Applied to Space Property', _, _ (2002) [E1]
2002Gopalan S, 'The Space Protocol of the UNIDROIT Convention: Launching Pad for Space Finance', _, University of Mississippi (2002) [E1]
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Other (23 outputs)

2011Gopalan S, 'Was bin Laden's Killing Lawful', . New York City, USA: Wall St Journal (2011) [O1]
2011Gopalan S, 'Time Pakistan called a halt on double game', . Australia: The Australian (2011) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'A Time for Paddywhackery', . New York City, USA: Wall St Journal (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Russia's Islamic Time Bomb', . Washington DC, USA: Washington Times (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Behind the Burqa', . New York City, USA: New York Times (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Commission is Needed to Investigate Bank Failures', : The Sunday Business Post (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'EU Should Steer US Away From Air Strike on Iran', . Ireland: The Irish Times (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Put Pirates to the Sword', . New York City, USA: Wall St Journal (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Sorry Pope, It Hasn't Worked', : The Huffington Post (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Google's Faustian Bargain Unravels', : The Huffington Post (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Another Opportunity in Afghanistan', : The Huffington Post (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'An Unlawful Bailout', . New York City, USA: Wall St Journal (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Banks must help solve the lurking crisis in mortgage defaults', . Ireland: The Irish Independent (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Fixing Europe's Immigration Problem', . New York City, USA: Wall St Journal (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'Pulling the Afghan bus from the ditch', . Washington DC, USA: Washington Times (2010) [O1]
2010Gopalan S, 'A Hybrid Conservatorship Model for Greece?', : The Huffington Post (2010) [O1]
2008Gopalan S, 'Aerospace and Defense Industries review', ( pp.579-581): International Law (2008) [O1]
2003Gopalan S, 'Time to regulate this mess', : National Law Journal (2003) [O1]
2003Gopalan S, 'Picking Directors by Proxy', : Daily Business Review (2003) [O1]
2002Gopalan S, 'Coping With Tie-in Deals and Other Shenanigans', : The Business Times (2002) [O1]
2001Gopalan S, 'Pornography Rulings: Red Herring Legalities or Sickness Loopholes', . USA: The Texas Mercury (2001) [O1]
2001Gopalan S, 'Storm in a Petri dish', : Deccan Herald (2001) [O1]
2001Gopalan S, 'New Agreement a Big Step for WTO', : The Stanford Daily (2001) [O1]
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Grants and Funding


Number of grants1
Total funding$55,000

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2009 (1 grants)

India, the 123 Agreement, and NuclearEnergy: Issues of International Law$55,000
Funding Body: British Academy

UK-South Asia PartnershipsInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions9
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL6.2

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20152019PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorGlobal Metamorphosis of Legal Services
20152019PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorChina's Trade in Services: The Perspective on Legal Issues
20152019PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorDisruption to the Australian legal services market: proposed responses to change
20152018PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorReforming corporate social responsibility in Australia through the reinterpretation of continuous disclosure provisions, the introduction of mandatory codes of ethics and amendments to sustainable investment regulations
20142018PhD (Law)Sole SupervisorGender Diversity on Corporate Boards- Implications for Corporate Governance
20142018PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorCorporate Governance - Challenges before Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in Effective Implementation
20142020PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorCross-Border Insolvency: A Case for a Transaction Cost Economics Analysis
20142018PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorGender Diversity on Corporate Boards
20132017PhD (Law)Principal SupervisorSanctions Imposed on Directors of Failed Banks

Professor Sandeep Gopalan

Work Phone02 49 215 119
Fax02 49 216 931
PositionHead of School & Dean
Newcastle Law School
Faculty of Business and Law
The University of Newcastle, Australia
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