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Dr. Maree Gruppetta is a Guyinbaraay woman currently working in the Wollotuka Centre at the University of Newcastle in the role of Associate Professor Research and Research Engagement. Prior to her current position Maree was Senior Lecturer, AREP Education Course Advisor and Head of Program at the Badanami Centre for  Indigenous Education at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) for four years after teaching in the School of Education at UWS for eight years and prior to that was teaching in both primary and secondary schools. Maree taught extensively in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Programs whilst at UWS and she was nominated in the top 10 lecturers of the year at UWS in 2009, and was then nominated for a Deadly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education in 2011. 

Prior to her university career Maree has taught in both Primary and Secondary classrooms, including Special Education classrooms, after completing a B.Tch (Primary) with distinction, for which she received a UWS Dean’s award for academic excellence, and a B. Ed (Hons) (1), for which she was awarded a University Medal, followed by a M.Teach in Special Education (Secondary), also awarded with Distinction.  Maree was awarded a PhD in Gifted Education in 2010 and has over 30 publications in education, ethics and research fields, including a range of peer reviewed articles and chapters and many conference presentations and keynotes. She currently teaches extensively in Education, Aboriginal Education, Ethics, and qualitative research areas, including Indigenous Methodologies.

Maree’s total research income to date is $951,216 and she has been involved in several research projects investigating the education and/or training experience of teachers and their students, school students and pre-service teachers such as: Assessing Professional Teaching Standards in Practicum Using Digital Technologies with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Pre-Service Teachers; an OLT Priority Project (2010–2012) undertaken in collaboration with UWS, CSU and ACU; and an ASISTM project on literacy and numeracy using interactive whiteboards in secondary school settings (2007–2009). Her research has also explored the experiences of youth partaking in training programs and community engagement projects, such as Enterprise Education Projects and Juvenile Justice Programs. Maree is currently involved in the More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative (MATSITI), the Aspire to Inspire initiative which is aimed at encouraging more Aboriginal students to enrol in university.

Whilst at UWS Maree was also a member of the UWS Indigenous Australian Employment Strategy Consultative Committee 2009-2012 and was awarded the Indigenous Employment and Engagement Champion Award in 2011 for her work in improving Aboriginal employment and training opportunities at UWS.  She is currently supervising five Indigenous New Career Academics (INCA) at the Wollotuka Institute, University of Newcastle, to further facilitate career opportunities for Aboriginal Academics.


  • PhD, University of Western Sydney, 21/09/2010
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management, CompTIA, 31/08/2010
  • Master of Teaching, University of Western Sydney, 29/04/2004
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours), University of Western Sydney, 01/10/2003
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary), University of Western Sydney, 02/04/2002
  • Certificate III in Aboriginal Studies, TAFE (NSW), 31/10/2002
  • Certificate III in Tertiary Preparation, TAFE (NSW), 31/12/1998
  • Certificate in Tertiary Preparation, TAFE (NSW), 31/12/1998


Research keywords

  • Aboriginal Education
  • Autophenomenology
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Gifted
  • Indigenous Methodology
  • Qualitative Methodology
  • Special Education
  • hermeneutic dialectic methodology

Research expertise

Research Expertise: I am currently supervising several RHD students in a variety of topic areas, including education, Aboriginal education, Art therapy, whilst completing research projects and continuing my own areas of research for publication.


  • English

Fields of Research

130301Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Education25
160807Sociological Methodology And Research Methods25


Administrative expertise

Administration Expertise: I have considerable experience in running programs, co-ordinating courses and units, and supervising academic staff.


Teaching keywords

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education
  • Gifted Education
  • Indigenous Education
  • Multicultural Education
  • Primary Education
  • Science Teaching

Teaching expertise

Teaching Expertise: I have over sixteen years experience teaching in education and taught extensively in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Programs, and I am currently teaching in Aboriginal Education and Research Methodology. I was nominated in the top 10 lecturers of the year at UWS in 2009, and was nominated for a Deadly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education in 2011.


Highlighted Publications

For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

2004Gruppetta MM, 'Autophenomenography? Alternative uses of autographically based research.', Australian Association for Research in Education, Melbourne (2004)


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

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Chapter (4 outputs)

2013Gruppetta MM, Mason T, 'The universal appeal of Facebook©: Providing access to tertiary students from Australian Aboriginal communities', Social Media in Higher Education: Teaching in Web 2.0, IGI Global, Hershey, PA 262-284 (2013) [B1]
2012Gregson R, Gruppetta MM, 'Making connections with the student's world', Connecting with Science Education, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, VIC 21-54 (2012) [B2]
2011Gruppetta MM, Mason T, 'Embracing the Facebook © Phenomenon', Democratic Access to Education, Department of Education, Antioch University, Los Angeles 199-212 (2011)
2008Gruppetta MM, 'Inadvertent Offence: When ¿a little knowledge is a dangerous thing', Religion, Spirituality and Social Science Research, Policy Press, United Kingdom 191-202 (2008) [B2]
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Journal article (1 outputs)

2005Gruppetta MM, 'Investigating the role and Experiences of Gifted and Talented Co-ordinators', Gifted Education International, 19 132-141 (2005)

Conference (9 outputs)

2015Gruppetta MM, 'Critical creativity: Collage as research', IAFOR North American Conference on the Arts and Humanities, Providence, RI, USA (2015)
2014Gruppetta MM, Fletcher G, Gilbert S, Conlan D, Kelly R, Chambers B, Griffith J, 'Speaking from our CORE: Reviving Indigenous Community as Pedagogical Practice.', Engagement Australia, Wagga Wagga (2014)
2014Gruppetta MM, Fletcher G, 'The Floating CORE: Indigenous Community as Pedagogical Practice', Engagement Australia, Wagga Wagga (2014)


2013Gruppetta MM, 'Revising metaphoric research imagery to reflect results', Fourth Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities. ACAH 2013., Ramada Osaka Hotel, Japan (2013)
2012Hine A, Butler K, Garlin F, Gruppetta MM, Gunawardana U, Lazar N, et al., 'First year advisors: An institutional innovation for transition and retention of first year higher education students', 15th International First Year in Higher Education Conference, Brisbane, QLD (2012) [E3]
2007Gruppetta MM, Hall J, 'Email as communicative data: The tyranny of distance.', New Paradigms and Methods in Educational and Social Research, Los Angeles (2007)
2005Gruppetta MM, '¿Snowball recruiting¿: Capitalising on the theoretical ¿six degrees of separation¿', Measurement and Assessment in Educational and Social research, Krakow (2005)
2004Gruppetta MM, 'From Singular to Shared Viewpoints: Establishing an Ethnographical Setting with a Majority of One', Theory, Facts and Interpretation in Educational and Social Reseach, Czestochowa (2004)
2004Gruppetta MM, 'Autophenomenography? Alternative uses of autographically based research.', Australian Association for Research in Education, Melbourne (2004)
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Report (1 outputs)

2014Gruppetta MM, Vozzo L, Hatton C, Reid J, Pietsch M, Bennet M, et al., 'Assessing professional teaching standards in practicum using digital technologies with Indigenous and non-Indigenous pre-service teachers', Office for Learning and Teaching, 150 (2014)

Thesis / Dissertation (3 outputs)

2010Gruppetta MM, The Life Journey of Gifted Adults: a narrative exploration of developmental differences, University of Western Sydney (2010)
2004Gruppetta MM, Enhancing the access of students with mild intellectual disabilities to the core science curriculum in a secondary inclusive school setting., University of Western Sydney (2004)
2003Gruppetta MM, Investigating and Challenging the Experiences of Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinators in P.F.S.P. Schools in Western Sydney., University of Western Sydney (2003)

Grants and Funding


Number of grants3
Total funding$733,343

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2013 (1 grants)

2013 MATSITI Evaluation$53,343
Funding Body: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Project Team
Professor John Lester, Associate Professor Maree Gruppetta, Associate Professor James Ladwig, Doctor Mark Lock
More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers InitiativeInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2009 (1 grants)

ICT Enabled Learning and Widening Participation at the University of Western Sydney: The Kindling of a Flame$280,000
Funding Body: Charles Darwin University

Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2006 (1 grants)

Literacy and numeracy using Interactive Whiteboards in secondary school settings$400,000
Funding Body: University of Western Australia

ASISTMChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions5
Total current UoN Masters EFTSL0.65
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL1.2

For supervisions undertaken at an institution other that the University of Newcastle, the institution name is listed below the program name.

Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20152023PhD (Aboriginal Studies)Co-SupervisorFishing in Port Stephens and the Hunter NSW: Techniques, Methods and the Fish Economy of Aboriginal People Pre and Post Colonisation
20142016M Philosophy (Abor Studies)Principal SupervisorCreating a Theoretical Framework for 21st Century Aboriginal Pedagogies
20142022PhD (Aboriginal Studies)Principal SupervisorPersuing the Dream: Graduating More ATSI Doctors
20122014M Philosophy (Abor Studies)Principal SupervisorNorth: Remembering Country
20122016PhD (Aboriginal Studies)Principal SupervisorSupporting the Maternal Health of Indigenous Australian Women with SMS Text Messaging

Past Supervision

YearProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
2015PhD (Aboriginal Studies)Co-SupervisorBangawara Naa - Ways of Making and Seeing Creative Aboriginal Knowledges

Associate Professor Maree Gruppetta

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