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I completed my PhD on 'Museums and the Public Sphere in Australia: between rhetoric and practice' at ANU. I have extensive experience in art and social history museums, a strong background in visual arts history and practice, and a long history of involvement in public art events and programs. I have also been involved in editing and indexing academic books and reports, both at AIATSIS and for individuals at ANU. I am also a Commonwealth Approved Art Valuer for Australian art (including Aboriginal art from 1975) and International art.

Education: B.A. Hons (Fine Arts), University of Sydney 1975; Dip. Ed (Art) 1977; M.A.Hons (First Class) Fine Arts, University of Sydney, 1988 (thesis on the Sydney Society of Women Painters, 1910 – 1934); PhD (Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Research), Humanities Research Centre, ANU, 2006.

Past employment includes being Inaugural Director of the Canberra Museum and Gallery; Director, Nolan Gallery; Lecturer in Art History/Theory at the Canberra School of Art; Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer in Education at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra; and teaching art in Sydney secondary schools.


  • PhD, Australian National University, 04/10/2006
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney, 29/05/1975
  • Graduate Diploma in Education, Sydney Teachers College, 21/04/1978
  • Master of Arts (Honours), University of Sydney, 20/12/1989


Research keywords

  • art and its institutions
  • australian indigenous art
  • contemporary art
  • contemporary museological theory

Research expertise

My research interests include art and its institutions, contemporary museological theory, museum history, Australian social history, Australian women artists, public art, and all aspects of Australian and International contemporary art (including Aboriginal art, in which I received a solid grounding from my experience at the National Gallery and subsequently, through my involvement with Indigenous artists in exhibitions, special projects and acquisitions for public collections, as well as through my PhD studies).

Fields of Research

210204Museum Studies40
190102Art History30
190100Art Theory And Criticism30


Body relevant to professional practice.

  • Member - Foundation, Newcastle Region Art Gallery
  • Member - Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery Advisory Committee
  • Member - Watt Space Gallery Committee


Teaching keywords

  • Australian social history
  • Australian women artists
  • australian indigenous art
  • contemporary art
  • museology
  • museum history
  • public art

Highlighted Publications

For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

2007Philp A, 'Life and art? Relocating Aboriginal art and culture in the museum', ReCollections (Canberra), 2 48-70 (2007) [C1]
2003Philp A, 'The discourse of the art museum: art history and 'the forum' in the National Gallery of Australia', -, - (2003) [E1]


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

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Book (1 outputs)

2009Philp AJ, Lehmann S, Temporary and Permanent, Infinite Press, Sydney, NSW, 50 (2009) [A3]

Chapter (1 outputs)

2009Philp AJ, 'Lost in space', Back to the City: Strategies for Informal Urban Interventions: Collaboration Between Artists and Architects, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, Germany 38-47 (2009) [B1]

Journal article (4 outputs)

2012Philp AJ, 'Displacement/Replacement: Indigenous Women's Art from Desert to City', Art Monthly Australia, 249 34-36 (2012) [C3]
2011Philp AJ, 'Speaking in Colour', Australian Historical Studies, 42 417-421 (2011) [C2]
2007Philp A, 'Life and art? Relocating Aboriginal art and culture in the museum', ReCollections (Canberra), 2 48-70 (2007) [C1]
2004Philp A, ''The history wars' in the National Museum of Australia 0-0 (2004) [C3]
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Review (1 outputs)

2003Philp A, 'Art and its publics: museum studies at the millenium (2003) [D2]

Conference (1 outputs)

2003Philp A, 'The discourse of the art museum: art history and 'the forum' in the National Gallery of Australia', -, - (2003) [E1]

Creative Work (3 outputs)

2011Alexander B, Lawry MJ, Sinnott PA, Smith KA, Adams PA, Philp AJ, Tracing Site: Relocating the museum from Wood St to Honeysuckle, Newcastle Region Museum (2011) [J1]
2011Alexander B, Lawry MJ, Philp AJ, Sinnott PA, Smith KA, Weekes TM, Adams PA, Site Tracing: Culture, identity, site and place, The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle, NSW, Australia (2011) [J2]
2002Philp A, 'Lux readings', -, Canberra, ACT, Australia (2002) [J2]

Grants and Funding

No funding.


Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions12
Total current UoN Masters EFTSL1.25
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL3.9

For supervisions undertaken at an institution other that the University of Newcastle, the institution name is listed below the program name.

Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20152017M Philosophy (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorTesting the Western Scientific Framework of 'Genetic Memory' to Explore the Maintenance of a Connection to Country While Displaced in an Urban Environment Through Artistic Means
20152019PhD (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorClass, Nation, and Regionalism. A Study of Novocastria
20152019PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorThe Island I Can't Get To: Nissological Spaces and the Pull of Balls Pyramid
20152019PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorThe Evolution of Contemporary Art in a Hybrid Sri Lankan Culture
20142015PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorReinventing the Lolita Complex in the Academies and Artists Leagues: Lolita to Avatars
20132014PhD (English)Co-SupervisorThe Moment of Transformation: Women, Animals and Power Within Revisionist Fairy Tales
20112015M Philosophy (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorHow Can the Concept of the Shadow-Field be Used as an Artistic Metaphor for Psychological 'Solidity' and 'Space'?
20112014PhD (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorRiparian Life: A Visual Navigation of the Hunter River Estuary
20112014PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorThe Shock of Shape; Embodied Responses to Shaped and Non-Rectilinear Painting
20102012M Philosophy (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorMaster Painting Manual Traditional Painting Material Methodologies for the Contemporary Artist
20082012PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorMaterial Poetry: an Investigation of Materiality in Contemporary Sculpture
20082010PhD (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorSidney Nolan and the Invisible Barbarian: decoding embedded patterns of absence and anonymity in the historic construction of Modern Australia

Past Supervision

YearProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
2014PhD (Music)Co-SupervisorMusic in Context: An Exploration of Music and Dramaturgy
2014PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorPlexus: An Investigation of Site in Relation to Form
2014PhD (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorLost in Translation: The Materialisation of the Mark in the Digital Age
2013M Philosophy (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorLightness of Being
2013M Philosophy (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorPreservation: Resonance of the Actual - an Investigation of the Phenomenon of 'on-the-road' Photography
2013PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorBetween the Interior and the Exterior, Between the Finite and the Infinite
2013PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorThe Stutter of Recognition: Re-Visioning the Baroque in Contemporary Painting
2011M Philosophy (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorConversation in Landscape
2011M Philosophy (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorThe Pygmalion Proposition
2011M Philosophy (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorAn Exploration of Urban Space....Space has Two Voices
2011PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorPublic Works or Private Donations? The Impacts of Artistic and Economic Risk on the Working Practitioner
2010M Philosophy (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorThe Golden Boot - Photographic Representation of the Woman's Limb Deficient Body
2010PhD (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorNomad Strategies; Artists, Travel and Personal Transformation
2009PhD (Fine Art)Principal SupervisorLong to Belong: Contemporary Narratives of Place Stories in Landscape Painting From a Non-Indigenous Perspective

Dr Angela Philp

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Art History and Theory
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The University of Newcastle, Australia
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