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17triplezero IT Service Desk

The 17triplezero IT Service Desk is the first point of contact for reporting issues, making enquiries and checking the progress of logged jobs.

Our Client Service Officers aim to solve issues at ‘first point of contact’, so if you phone extension 17000, they will take the time to ask you relevant questions, suggest possible solutions, and may offer to log into your computer remotely in an effort to help you.

 Of course, this takes time, but based on user feedback, we believe this level of service is successful in most cases. So, if you phone us, you may be placed in a queue while we are assisting other users.

You can also log your request online in the 17triplezero Service Portal if you aren’t able to wait on the phone, or if your request is not urgent.

When logging a job through the 17triplezero Service Portal, please ensure you provide a detailed description of your issue including the system you are working on, your location, if you are aware of others experiencing similar issues, plus any error messages. This can help us diagnose your situation more quickly and accurately.