The Priority Research Centre for Complex Dynamic Systems and Control specialises in design, control and analysis and performance optimisation for complex dynamic systems.

Complex systems involve heterogeneous networks of interacting elements, complex dynamics, hard constraints and high uncertainty. Such systems present many challenges. However, they are central to modern society and include energy generation and distribution, ecosystems, health delivery, safety and security systems, telecommunications, transportation networks, manufacturing processes, the economy, minerals exploration and minerals exploitation. Research in complex systems underpins the modelling, control and management of such systems.

Who are we?

Interdisciplinary Group of outstanding researchers:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Mathematics

Why Complex Dynamic Systems and Control?

Complex Dynamics

Transients behaviours and Dynamic responses are a crucial component of many systems.  Complexity is inevitable - even simple systems can exhibit complex behaviours.


The feedback control paradigm of:

Sense - Think - Communicate - Act

is fundamentally important in modern industrial transportation, biomedical, telecommunications, and management systems. Top level theory and wide applications.

What are the benefits of our research?

Innovative technical solutions in process industries, communications systems, nanotechnology, signal and image processing, biomedical systems. We deliver new algorithms, improved performance, reduced pollution improved efficiency, with smart systems.