The University of Newcastle, Australia


Ed Outreach is an exciting dimension of the first year experience in our initial teacher education programs from 2018.

Housed in EDUC1038: Foundations of Secondary Education, EDUC1048: Becoming a Teacher: Primary and Early Childhood Context, EDUC2102: Educational Psychology: Learners and the Learning Process, EDUC2103: Schooling, Identity and Society and EDUC2200: Future of Teaching & Learning, Ed Outreach community experiences are embedded as opportunities to extend the learning in the core courses.

Students will be asked to leave campus on selected days to visit the range of experiences offered for that semester and to chronicle the learning from that visit as part of an assessment task.

  • EDUC1038 and EDUC1048 host Ed Outreach around the theme “a day in the life of a school”.
  • EDUC2102 promotes Ed Outreach by giving students a chance to shadow learners across their school day.
  • EDUC2103 includes an experience in a community NGO, an informal learning environment, a refugee centre or other educational settings outside of school.
  • EDUC2200 highlights new models of learning and teaching with visits to new kinds of schools and learning centres.