What's in the program?

Important dates

Find out the dates during which the Newstep program is run by looking at the University's semester dates schedule.

Selecting your courses

The main aims of the Newstep university pathway program are to help you gain admission to an undergraduate degree program of your choice and to best prepare you for undergraduate studies. Hence, we advise you to select your courses for Newstep based on two things:

  1. Courses that you think you will enjoy, are good at, or are interested in, and
  2. Recommended courses that will help prepare you for the study of specific undergraduate degree programs

To help with your selection you can refer to the semester one and two course outlines below. Simply click on the course code in the tables for more information. If you know what undergraduate degree you would like to study, you can also review the recommended course list section by clicking on the faculty of interest.

If you're uncertain about what degree program you'd like to study or where it might lead you, the University's Careers Service can help with information about the jobs that are available to graduates and the best degrees and courses to help you get there.

Also, make sure you check out the course video to give you more of an idea of what the course is all about.

Course Code Course Name Campus AvailableUnit Course Video
EPHUMA122 Academic Literacies 1
Core Course
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Academic Literacies
Plus 3 courses (30 units) from the following
EPMATH124 Advanced Mathematics 1
Not to be taken with EPMATH126
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Advanced Mathematics 1
EPMATH126 Fundamental Mathematics
Not to be taken with EPMATH124
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Fundamental Mathematics
EPSCIE120 Studies in Science (not to be taken with EPSCIE130) Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Studies in Science
EPSCIE130 Studies in Health Science (not to be taken with EPSCIE120) Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Studies in Health Science
EPHUMA137 Australian Culture and Society Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Australian Culture and Society
EPHUMA148 Introduction to Linguistics
Not to be taken with EPHUMA311 Linguistics
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10  
EPHUMA155 Applied Legal Studies Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Applied Legal Studies
EPHUMA160 Film Studies Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Film Studies
EPINFO150 Information Technology Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Information Technology
EPARTS190 Design Drawing Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Design Drawing
Course Code Course Name Campus AvailableUnitCourseVideo
EPHUMA123 Academic Literacies 2
Core Course
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Academic Literacies
Plus 1 course (10 units) from the following
EPMATH125 Advanced Mathematics 2
Assumed Knowledge: EPMATH124
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Advanced Mathematics
EPMATH127 Applied Mathematics
Assumed Knowledge: Proficiency in fractions, decimals, percentages, basic algebra and equation solving
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Applied Mathematics
EPBIOL259 Introduction to the Life Sciences
Not to be taken with EPCHEM314 Introduction to Chemistry and the Life Sciences or EPHLTH370 Science for Nursing and midwifery
Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Introduction to the Life Sciences
EPHUMA120 Media and Communications Callaghan/Ourimbah 10  
EPARTS191 Design in Society Callaghan/Ourimbah 10 Design in Society
EPARTS192 Graphic Design Fundamentals Callaghan only 10 Graphic Design Fundamentals
EPHUMA135 Directed Study - Research in ActionOurimbah 10 Directed Study
Plus 1 course (20 units) from the following
EPGEOS301 Earth Science
Not offered in 2019
Callaghan only 20 Earth Science
EPHUMA303 Australian History Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Australian History
EPHUMA304 Classical Studies
Not currently offered
Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Classical Studies
EPHUMA306 Literature and Film Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Literature and Flim
EPHUMA307 Philosophy
Not currently offered
Callaghan 20 Philosophy
EPHUMA310 Social Enquiry Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Social Enquiry
EPHUMA311 The Study of Language
Not to be taken with EPHUMA148
Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 The Study of Language
EPHLTH370 Science for Nursing and Midwifery
Not to be taken with EPBIOL259
Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Science for Nursing and Midwifery
EPPHYS308 Physics Callaghan only 20 Physics
EPCHEM314 Introduction to Chemistry and the Life Sciences
Not to be taken with EPBIOL259
Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Introduction to Chemistry and the Life Sciences
EPBIOL340 Environmental Science Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Environmental Science
EPMANC320 Business Organisation and Management Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Business Organisation and Management
EPEDUC301 Foundations in Education Callaghan/Ourimbah 20 Foundations in Education


Assessment in Newstep is very similar to the way you will be assessed in your university degree program, so you'll be ready for success at uni! Assessment might include the completion of written assignments, oral presentations, mid-semester and end of semester examinations. Satisfactory attendance at classes is required.

You must complete 80 units of study, including sitting final examinations, in order to pass the program. If you don't manage to complete the program or wish to try again, you may carry over a partially completed program to the following year.

Semester examinations

Formal end-of-semester examinations in Newstep are a compulsory part of the program (except in the case of the EPARTS courses and EPHUMA135 Directed Study). At the end of each semester you must be available to sit the exams in order to successfully complete the program.

Exams will be held during the exam periods in June and November. The exams are two hours in duration, and will be held under supervision on campus. Exams run from Mondays to Saturdays (mornings, afternoons and evenings). You will be notified of the exact times and locations of your exams approximately four weeks in advance, however, we recommend that you plan now to be available during the entire exam period.