The University of Newcastle, Australia

I have completed secondary education within the last two years

As someone who recently completed secondary education, either at high school, TAFE or another VET provider, you will generally be considered for entry based on your Selection Rank (SR). Some degrees have additional entry requirements such as auditions or interviews and where required you will find these listed on the relevant degree page. Most of our degrees also have some assumed knowledge and recommended studies so check this before you apply.

Try to choose what you are most interested in and then research some back up options with lower Selection Ranks (SR) to put as your later choices. A good tip is to look at degrees that may have similar first year subjects. This will help you reduce your overall study time if you want to apply to transfer over to your degree of choice after the first year. But Selection Ranks (SR) do change from year to year so you should only use the Selection Rank (SR) as a guide.

Pick your situation from the list below:

I am currently completing my Higher School Certificate (HSC)

You can apply for degrees with UAC before you complete your exams and have your Selection Rank (SR). You should apply as an early bird to avoid additional costs. Once you have applied you can change your preferences as many times as you like before the change of preferences deadline. This means you can change your preferences around once you know your Selection Rank (SR). For more information see our Application FAQ.

You can also consider the following entry help options that might be applicable to you:

I have also completed VET studies

If you completed VET studies as part of or in addition to your HSC you may have another assessable qualification for admission. The selection rank from this qualification is not added to your Selection Rank (SR). The highest of the two numbers will be the one used to assess your eligibility for admission in most cases.

I have completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

UON accepts the IB Diploma and Bilingual Diploma as equivalent to an Australian Year 12 qualification. UAC will derive a selection rank from your total IB score and for UON admission purposes this rank is comparable with the Selection Rank(SR). To see how your selection rank is calculated visit UAC’s website.

For advice on your options or how to order your preferences please contact us by calling 1300 275 866 or visiting AskUON.