The University of Newcastle, Australia


Commencing your research degree can be a daunting experience. There are policies and procedures that will be unfamiliar to you, regardless of your previous level of study. At the University of Newcastle we know how important it is to support students feel comfortable in their new surroundings from day one.

There are a number of induction activities available to you.

Meet and Greet sessions

After you accept your offer you will be invited to attend a Meet and Greet session in your first week on-campus. This is an opportunity to be presented with critical information on managing your candidature and support available to you. The knowledgeable Graduate Research team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. It is also a good opportunity to connect with other commencing students.

The session is compulsory for all international students, who will complete their enrolment at the session.

If you have registered for your free laptop this will be provided to you at the session.

Online induction program

Complete the induction program on UONOnline by selecting the HDR INDUCTION course in Blackboard, reviewing the content and then completing the following components:

  • HDR Induction Quiz
  • Academic Integrity Module
  • Ethics Modules

The mandatory Health and Safety Module must also be completed by all commencing HDR candidates. A link to the assessment can be found on the Blackboard homepage.

Faculty-run orientation sessions

You may also be invited to attend an orientation session run by your Faculty. At this session you will be provided with Faculty and School policy and procedures related to research studies and you will be introduced to the Faculty and School representatives. It is important for you to attend your Faculty orientation session as practices and expectations can vary between Faculties.

If you have any queries about your local induction arrangements, please contact your Faculty's Research Training Officer (RTO).

Meeting with your Supervisor(s)

Perhaps your most important induction activity will be your first meeting with your supervisor(s). You will be provided with clear and comprehensive information on the expectations and degree requirements of your degree.

Some of the topics you will discuss may include:

  • Key milestones
  • Time commitment
  • Your research plan
  • Frequency of supervisor meetings
  • What is required to achieve confirmation

You are required to complete a Supervisory Expectations Document in consultation with your supervisors within the first six months of your candidature.

For more information on the supervisor-candidate relationship see the Code of Practice for Higher Degree by Research Candidature.

Self-managed induction

There are a range of other activities you should undertake in your first weeks to smooth your induction to life as a research student. These are presented in no particular order: