The University of Newcastle, Australia

Customised courses

We understand that every organisation has its own specific professional development needs. We can develop highly customised and cutting edge online education courses to suit your unique requirements.

Course customisation/tailoring

We create customised online learning programs to assist your organisation achieve its desired learning outcomes. We offer specialised programs that can be designed to assist your organisation with:

  • internal training
  • succession planning and staff retention
  • accreditation and other governance requirements.

Our learning solution will provide you with access to a wide variety of quality professional development options tailored to your needs.

Key benefits

Your organisation can fully harness the potential of your human capital through the benefits provided by our professional development online programs. Benefits include:

  • customised programs tailored to your organisation's education and training needs
  • programs are developed using materials which are sourced from specific industry professionals and academics, who are based both locally and around the world
  • easily offer staff 24/7 access to media-rich and relevant learning material
  • maximise staff retention and enhance productivity
  • reduce training and professional development costs
  • ability to cost effectively train staff across multiple locations.

Online delivery and assessment

Our programs and courses are delivered via our online learning platform, Blackboard. Your computer will become your virtual and collaborative classroom and via Blackboard you will be able to interact and engage with the course instructor as well as your fellow students.

The Blackboard online environment includes both Communication and Content functions.

Communication functions include:

  • Announcements – instructors are able to alert you as a student by posting informative announcements.
  • Online Chat – when you are online you are able to chat in real time with fellow class mate.
  • Discussion Board – both yourself and the instructor are able to create different discussion threads and reply to each other's posts in your own time.
  • Mail – you are able to send mail to fellow students and your instructor within the Blackboard platform.

Content functions include:

  • Course Content – you can access course readings and other relevant learning material.
  • Assessments – you can access online quizzes and exams.
  • Assignments – you can easily submit assignments online.
  • Grade Book – you can view your academic achievements and assignment feedback.
  • Media Library – you can access videos and other interactive media in this section.